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Energy Efficient Motor Replacements

If your equipment is more than 10 years old, there is a strong possibility some components are obsolete or superseded by a modern equivalent.

Technological advances bring a new era of motors which are now available through Dematic, providing a cost effective, durable and energy efficient OEM replacement for your system. For further information, please contact your local Dematic Spares team. 

Maintenance Bulletin – End of Aisle AS/RS Pneumatic Buffer

To further prolong the safe working life of your AS/RS equipment, we recommend an annual visual Safety inspection of your end of aisle pneumatic buffers. This inspection of a Health and Safety critical assembly ensures it is leak free and mounted appropriately.

It is on the recommendation of the manufacturer that after 8 years’ service, the buffer should be part of an overhaul programme to replace all seals and oil. Following the buffer rebuild, it should then go through a functional test which will certify the equipment is fit for use.

Dematic can now facilitate this overhaul programme to ensure your Safety critical equipment operates when you need it the most. Please contact your local Dematic Spares team for further support.

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