AGV Systems:

Tugger AGVs

Workhorse AGV for Multi-Trailer Automatic Material Transport

Tugger automated guided vehicles (AGVs) pull carts that receive loads either manually or automatically with an actuated hitch.

Tugger AGVs have the highest capacity among AGV types for material transport and considerably more when compared to traditional forklift trucks.

Tugger AGV Applications

Typical applications for Tugger AGVs consist of automated loops with stops and longer distance transport.

  • Automated Loop with Stops: Tugger AGVs operate in an automated loop with predetermined stop locations. Every AGV is assigned a set of consecutive (milk run) stops where operators can add or remove goods and trailers before releasing the vehicle to its next stop. The list of stops can be can be easily changed based on your business. Tugger AGV operation is usually completely automated, but if frequent human interaction is required, they can be designed for manual operation as well.
  • Longer Distance Automated Transport: Tugger AGVs are frequently used to transport materials over longer distances within a facility or between different facilities within an industrial site. Automated transport provides a more efficient and cleaner operation.

Compact AGV Tugger

The Dematic Compact AGV Tugger vehicle shouldn’t be taken lightly. This powerhouse tows the industry-standard 10,000 lbs that an AGV is capable of, even with its small footprint and low up-front cost.

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