AGV Systems:

Table-Top, TT Series AGV

Compact and High Accuracy for Improved Warehouse Flexibility

Small and mighty, the Table-top (TT) series of Automated Guides Vehicles (AGVs) is the smallest and most agile in the Dematic AGV fleet. It has the capability to carry 3x its own weight with a smaller turning circle than a forklift truck to easily maneuver in tight spaces.

The TT series AGV offers the latest in navigation technology with the ability to use laser and natural guidance or floor embedded QR codes to travel around the warehouse for accurate positioning. Movement pathways can be easily modified as business needs change, and AGVs can be redeployed to other areas and locations. This allows for an open plan solution with all of the benefits of automation, which can also adapt and grow with any ongoing business needs.

The new TT AGV is a compact but heavy lifting AGV — it can carry loads up to 1,500 kg and has an inbuilt table-top lift function.

As with all Dematic AGV models, the TT Series features all safety measures and sensors, which make it ideal to work alongside operators and forklift trucks. The TT is a fully capable AGV, designed to be compact and cost effective.

This AGV can support a wide range of applications with the warehouse. 

TT Series AGV Applications

  • Point to point transfers 
  • Conveyor to conveyor 
  • Production lines to delivery 
  • Ideal for robot cells 
  • Empty to full pallet handlings 
  • Handling of raw materials 
  • Pick & go applications
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The Dematic AGV Manage Warehouse Control System (WCS) can communicate with any existing WMS of PLC system, as well as connect directly with automatic palletisers and robot cells in the warehouse.


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Table-top Series


Dematic AGV Family

Dematic Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are autonomous vehicles designed to transport materials for automated delivery and storage systems. AGVs have a wide variety functions, equally adept in production facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers.

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