IT Managed Services

Let’s face it, maintaining a consistently reliable, high functioning IT infrastructure is hard work. It takes time and multi-faceted skill sets to understand all the perspectives and requirements across various operations and IT teams.

Dematic Managed Services fill this gap for you. Our strategic and proactive approach to planning, monitoring, and managing complex IT infrastructures helps prevent potential issues from becoming real problems. Our team enhances and complements your existing IT resource capacity to optimize operation of your material handling system.

With Dematic Egemin managing your IT needs, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your system performance is optimized — minimizing unplanned downtime and maximizing productivity.

Managed Services Benefits

  • Avoids unplanned downtime due to IT failures
  • Frees up your IT resources
  • Leverages the Dematic teams of experienced IT and support professionals
  • Ensures peace of mind knowing Dematic Egemin is monitoring your system 24/7 during all periods of operation
  • Provides one support channel for your entire system solution
  • Automatically integrates detection of IT infrastructure support issues with Dematic Technical Support Desk to ensure prompt response
  • Supplies monthly reports to keep you informed of IT-related issues and to provide recommendations to avoid future problems

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