Hotrod Garage

There are lots of reasons for looking to gain additional value from your existing automated systems:

  • Your supply chain volumes are increasing. 
  • Your customer expectations are changing. 
  • Your speed-to-market is becoming more critical. 

But you don’t need a reason to run at peak efficiency. All you need is Dematic Hotrod Garage.  

What Hotrod Garage Is

Dematic Hotrod Garage is a precision aftermarket service designed to extract more utility and performance from your current assets. This service is highly valuable for new material handling systems that have just hit their stride (6-12 months) as well as long running systems with declining productivity (1-20 years).  

What Hotrod Garage Is Not 

This premier offering is not intended to overcome obsolescence, overhaul wear items, patch software, improve reliability, or fix bugs. (Dematic has solutions for each one of those issues, so please contact us!) Instead, Hotrod Garage specifically focuses on optimizing your current operational automation.

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