Dematic Standard AGV:

Fork AGV (narrow)

Automated pallet storage in a confined environment

The unmanned, narrow fork lift AGVs (Narrow Fork Lift AGVs) can transport loads even in confined spaces and narrow aisles. This is what makes them so valuable in intralogistics.

These highly manoeuvrable, automated industrial trucks with forks are the all-rounders among the automated guided vehicles. Dematic offers two models of the FLV series (forklift vehicle) among its automated guided vehicles:

  • Forked AGV FLV2012/N
  • Forked AGV FLV3310/N

Dematic's narrow forklift AGVs reliably and safely transport loads with suitable openings for the forks of a forklift truck, such as Euro pallets, containers, racks and many other load carriers. The forks are located directly above the wheel arms, which gives the vehicle an enormously small turning circle and makes it very easy to drive and manoeuvre in tight spaces. 

The single-mast version of the FLV2012/N carries loads up to max. 1,200 kg and has a lifting height of up to 2,000 mm. In contrast, the forked AGVs of the duplex version FLV3310/N reach significantly higher lifting heights of up to 3,300 mm due to their double mast design.

Advantages of the Narrow Fork AGV

  • Effective intralogistics in narrow aisles due to very narrow design and small turning circle
  • Can transport a wide range of load carriers (e.g. Euro pallets, racks, containers)
  • Cost reduction through full automation
Narrow fork AGV in use in a warehouse. Automated guided vehicles simplify operations and improve picking time.

The narrow fork trucks from the Dematic standard AGV series are the ideal solution for automated goods transport in warehouses, production and distribution centres. Thanks to their flexibility, they can be adapted to a wide range of applications:

  • Warehouse applications (wide aisle storage, row storage, block storage, rack storage)
  • Buffer storage
  • End-of-line transport applications: Pick-up of conveyors, palletisers, packaging machines.
  • Transport between goods receiving, production and warehouse 

The FLV2012/N and the double mast truck FLV3310/N can - just like manually controlled forklifts - transport a variety of different load carriers, for example:

  • (Euro-) pallets and box pallets
  • Racks
  • Containers

Dematic FTF at L'Oreal


Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) from Dematic

Dematic automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are autonomous vehicles that transport materials for automated delivery and storage systems. AGVs perform a wide range of tasks and are equally suitable for production facilities, warehouses and distribution centres.

Do you have further questions on the topic and are you interested in how you can integrate narrow AGVs into your company? Then contact us now - we will help you find the optimal system for your company!

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Dematic has taken over the automation of internal logistics at L'Oréal's production sites in Europe and the US with more than one hundred of its automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

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