Dematic Standard AGV:

Counterbalance AGV

Greater storage capacity with minimum space requirement

Counterbalance AGVs (Forklift AGVs) are most commonly used in intralogistics due to their versatility. The unmanned, automated industrial trucks are characterised by the fact that the centre of gravity of the load lies outside the wheel base. Therefore, a counterweight is used to stabilise the load.

Load transfers can take place at floor level, in racks, channel stores as well as on conveyors. Automated Guided Vehicle systems with counterweight vehicles are the ideal solution for production areas, warehouses and distribution centres.

Automated Counterbalance AGVs from Dematic

Our FLV2012/C and FLV3310/C series Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) without wheel arms and equipped with an additional counterweight (counterbalance) are specially designed for closed loads and transfer positions that cannot be served with wheel arms on the industrial truck.

The FLV2012/C (forklift truck with counterweight) transports narrow and closed load carriers such as racks, pallets and mesh boxes. This AGV vehicle type was designed with an additional weight in the front area. This means that no wheel arms are necessary under or next to the load. A direct approach by the driverless transport vehicle to transfer positions closed at the bottom is thus also easy to realise. Compared to the lighter FLV2008/C, the FLV2012/C (FLV = Forklift Vehicle) is able to pick up heavier loads of up to 1,200 kg.

In addition to the standard variants from the Dematic counterbalance AGV range, we offer the following models:

  • FLV 2008/C - up to 800 kg and 2,000 mm lifting height
  • FLV 3306/C - up to 600 kg and 3,300 mm lifting height
  • FLV 2015/C - up to 1,500 kg and 2,000 mm lifting height
  • FLV 3315/C - up to 1,500 kg and 3,300 mm lifting height

Advantages of the Dematic Counterbalance AGVs

  • High flexibility and versatile application possibilities
  • Wide range of usable load carriers
  • Accommodates heavy loads of up to 1,500 kg
  • Maximum lifting height of 3.3 m
  • Particularly suitable for positions that cannot be approached by vehicles with wheel arms
  • Transfer positions that cannot be driven under can be operated
Automated guided vehicles in use in a warehouse. AGVs simplify the operational process and improve the picking time.

Our counterbalance AGV series FLV2012/C is the ideal AGV solution for automatic goods transport in confined areas. Thanks to its high flexibility, the FLV2012/C can be adapted to a wide range of applications to optimise your material flow:

  • Flexible load transport between production, warehouse, incoming goods and outgoing goods
  • Warehouse automation (channel storage, block storage, shelf storage)
  • Buffer storage
  • "End-of-line" handling
  • Order picking via conveyors, palletisers, stretchers

Dematic's FLV1012/C - just like manually controlled forklift trucks - can handle a variety of different load carriers, such as:

  • (Euro-) pallets and box pallets
  • Racks
  • Containers

Dematic AGV at Dillewijn


Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) from Dematic

Dematic automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are autonomous vehicles that transport materials for automated delivery and storage systems. AGVs perform a wide range of tasks and are equally suitable for production facilities, warehouses and distribution centres.

Driverless counterbalance trucks for a wide range of loads

Counterbalanced AGVs are available in different versions for a wide range of applications. Dematic's counterbalanced automated guided vehicles can be equipped with the following load handling attachments:

  • Standard fork: Here, forks are used on the automatic industrial truck with counterweight, as they are virtually known from a standard hand pallet truck. They are used to pick up and transport standard pallets such as Euro and industrial pallets without any problems.
  • Fork positioner: This is used to adjust the distance between the forks on the AGV for the transport of non-standard pallets (width adjustment of the forks).
  • Load restraint: The load picked up by forks is stabilised from above during transport by a fixed or movable load restraint mounted on the mast.
  • Reach truck: The load handling device moves back and forth to pick up/drop off loads and store pallets and other load units in racks. (These are also referred to as reach truck AGVs.)
  • Double fork: Equipped with two pairs of forks for transporting two load units at the same time.
  • Single/Double Fork: Equipped with two pairs of dynamic forks, this AGV can pick up a single pallet or spread the forks hydraulically to pick up, transport and move multiple pallets side by side.
  • Carton clamps: Uses top clamps to transport non-palletised loads.
  • Top clamp: Uses forks and a top-mounted clamp to stabilise loads during transport.
  • Roller clamps: For transporting cylindrical goods (e.g. drums, paper rolls, tyres).
  • Push/Pull: For sliding loading of non-palletised loads.

Curious about what configuration options for automated guided vehicles Dematic offers for your company? As an AGV manufacturer with in-depth know-how and an unparalleled portfolio, Dematic can help you. We would be happy to advise you individually. Contact us!

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Case Study

Vorarlberg Dairy

Automation technology from Dematic is now being used at Vorarlberg Dairy. Four AGVs handle all transport movements between the ripening rooms and the care facility.

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