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Dematic Standard AGV

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Dematic's standardised FLV and LTV range of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) enable the automatic handling of pallets, rolls, trolleys, containers and numerous other loads. Dematic's automated guided vehicles are particularly versatile. The load can be picked up or discharged at floor level or from racks, machines and conveyors.

Vehicle variants

  • FLV 2012/3310 with wheel arms, narrow version
    stroke 2.000 - 3.300 mm, max. load 1.200 kg
  • FLV 2012/3310 with wheel arms, wide version
    stroke 2.000 - 3.300 mm, max. load 1.200 kg
  • FLV 2008 to 3315 in counterweight version
    stroke 2.000 - 3.300 mm, max. load 1.500 kg
  • LTV 0515/0530 with transfer systems in single or double version
    max. load 1,500 kg or 3,000 kg
  • Heavy-duty CB series in counterweight version
    Load capacity max. 750 kg up to max. 3,000 kg

The right load handling attachment for the specific requirement

Our standardised AGVs can be adapted to the project requirements with various load handling devices, e.g. with:

  • Standard forks: conventional forks as on a hand pallet truck.
  • Double forks: two pairs of forks for the simultaneous transport of two load units.
  • Single/double forks: two pairs of dynamic forks allow the transport of one or two loads at the same time.
  • Fork positioners: the fork spacing can be automatically adjusted here for the transport of non-standardised load carriers and thus adapted to the individual spacing of the fork shoes.
  • Load restraint (passive and active): a load restraint placed over an unstable load enables load stabilisation during transport.
  • Transfer systems: roller conveyors, chain conveyors, lifting platforms, belt conveyors, satellite systems, push-pull systems with non-driven rollers.

Areas of application

These vehicles are ideal for production and warehouse environments, distribution centres as well as various other intralogistics areas such as:
  • Load transport between goods receipt, production and warehouse
  • Storage/retrieval in narrow-aisle warehouse, channel warehouse, block warehouse, rack warehouse
  • "End-of-line" handling
  • Order picking via conveyors, palletisers, stretchers
Standard AGV

Standard Fork AGV

The driverless transport vehicles of the FLV2012/N and FLV3310/N series are the all-rounders among the Dematic AGVs.

Standard AGV

Counterbalance AGV

The driverless transport vehicles of the FLV2012/C and FLV3310/C series without wheel arms equipped with additional counterweight

Standard AGV

Standard Fork AGVs with lateral wheel arms

High-performance AGV for automating forklift operations. The wheel arms are outside the load area, which allows for more stable transport with heavier and larger loads such as racks, pallets and rollers.

Standard AGV

Unit Load AGV

The vehicles of the LTV series are equipped with at least one horizontal transfer system for transporting load units such as pallets, rollers, mesh boxes, trolleys and containers.

Standard AGV

Heavy Duty Counterbalance AGV

The heavy-duty counterbalance AGVs of the CB series from Dematic are mainly found in the food industry, and here in particular in the beverage and milk processing industries.

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Dematic has taken over the automation of internal logistics at L'Oréal's production sites in Europe and the US with more than one hundred of its automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

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