Dematic Hybrid AGVs:

Reach Truck AGV

Stable and powerful all-rounders in production and warehouse

Dematic hybrid reach trucks (AGVs) are ideally suited to efficiently transport, store and retrieve pallets and totes, even in confined spaces, from the goods receiving area through production and various warehouse environments to the goods issue area.

Our hybrid reach trucks are compact, very stable, fully automated industrial trucks that can also be operated manually. With their forks, they effortlessly transport high weights and can operate large lift heights in high racking.

Advantages of Hybrid Reach Truck AGVs

  • Compact and manoeuvrable especially in tight curves thanks to movable mast
  • Flexibility in operation (driverless or manual)
  • High level of safety in goods transport thanks to automation
  • Transport of heavy goods
Hybrid reach trucks (AGVs) in use in a warehouse. Automated guided vehicles simplify operations and improve picking time.

The biggest advantage of this model is the movable mast of this hybrid automated guided vehicle (AGV). The driverless trucks push their mast forwards to pick up or deliver loads, while pulling it backwards between the support legs to transport goods. This makes the vehicle more compact and requires less space than vehicles with a fixed mast and correspondingly longer wheel arms - a clear advantage when operating in narrow aisles.

With the automated but hybrid Dematic reach truck AGV, products and racking are much less likely to be damaged compared to a purely manually operated truck. These industrial trucks can move heavy loads in very tight corners, transport loads in narrow areas and also operate very high racking levels.

Curious about the configuration options Dematic offers for Hybrid AGVs? We would be happy to advise you individually. Contact us!

Dematic AGV at Audi


Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) from Dematic

Dematic automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are autonomous vehicles that transport materials for automated delivery and storage systems. AGVs perform a wide range of tasks and are equally suitable for production facilities, warehouses and distribution centres.

Hybrid Reach Truck variants and areas of application

Variants of our reach truck AGVs

  • For lifting heights of up to 9,000 mm
  • For max. payload of 2,500 kg 

Application areas of hybrid reach trucks

  • Goods receipt - transfer to a conveyor system and staging on floor positions
  • Transports from/to automatic warehouse
  • Wide aisle warehouse
  • Block storage
  • Drive-in/drive-through racks
  • Shuttle warehouse
  • Production area
  • Outgoing goods
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Case Study

Miko Pac

Miko Pac has built a completely new warehouse that is a world first: it is the first warehouse where unmanned hybrid VNAs and reach trucks are fully automated as they store and remove pallets of finished products.

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