Automated Guided Vehicles:

Dematic Hybrid AGV

Automated and manual use perfectly combined

Dematic Hybrid is the high-end AGV series that perfectly combines automation and manual operation in one vehicle. Our sophisticated automation technology and matching control software transform standard forklift trucks from the KION Group into top-quality automated guided vehicles. Dematic HYBRID vehicles can act as fully automated warehouse vehicles in a high-performance automated guided vehicle system or simply be used manually. This gives you full flexibility.

Dematic Hybrid - a successful combination of automatic operation and manual use

The Dematic Hybrid range consists of various forklift truck models from the KION family. By installing the Dematic automation package, these standard forklift trucks can be upgraded to driverless transport vehicles. The result is driverless transport vehicles that can be easily switched from automatic to manual operation if required (so-called dual-use), so that the potential of automated standard vehicles can be fully exploited.

Dematic Hybrid AGVs are intelligently controlled and versatile automated guided vehicles that integrate perfectly into production, warehouse and distribution environments. Not only do they increase your company's productivity and profitability through pinpoint product delivery, reliable performance, product and facility integrity, they also ensure that your employees move around in a very safe working environment.

Of course, hybrid AGVs can be combined with manually controlled vehicles in your area of application and operate racking, conveyor technology and picking stations without any problems. And: they are ready for use around the clock, 7 days a week.

Dematic Hybrid models and areas of application

Dematic Hybrid FTF gibt es aktuell in folgenden Ausführungen:

  • Pallets AGVs
  • Reach Truck AGVs
  • Narrow Aisle AGVs
  • Tugger Train AGVs

Areas of application:

  • In the goods receiving area, e.g. transfer to a conveyor system and staging on floor positions
  • In the production area
  • In the warehouse: narrow-aisle warehouse, wide-aisle warehouse, block warehouse, row warehouse, drive-in/drive-through racks, shuttle warehouse
  • In the goods issue area, e.g. removal from a conveyor system/rack and staging on floor positions at the ramps 
  • Transports between the individual areas of use
Automated guided vehicles in use in a warehouse. AGVs simplify the operational process and improve the picking time.
Hybrid AGV

Hybrid Pallet AGV

Compact driverless transport vehicles for transporting as well as storing and retrieving standard pallets.

Hybrid AGV

Hybrid Reach Truck AGV

For transporting as well as storing and retrieving pallets and containers from the goods receiving area through production and various warehouse environments to the goods issue area.

Hybrid AGV

Hybrid Narrow Aisle AGV

Hybrid Narrow Aisle AGVs are automated trucks from the KION truck family that are ideally suited for use in narrow-aisle warehouses.

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