Automated Guided Vehicles:

Individual Automated Guided Vehicles

Tailor-made solutions for special requirements and industries

Some customer requirements are far from standard applications. Such individual solutions require customised automated guided vehicles (AGVs). We have a solution for this too: Dematic Custom. Individual solutions are served via our Dematic Custom systems - here, customised vehicles based on standard Dematic solutions are used and are precisely tailored to your project requirements.

Dematic Custom AGVs can be developed for almost any material handling requirement - from lifting, turning and transporting loads weighing several tonnes to special designs for specific environmental conditions. Dematic works closely with you to develop a customised solution.

Due to the engineering experience, Dematic is considered the world's leading supplier of automated guided vehicles.

AGV variants and areas of application

Variants are for example vehicles

  • with clamps, mandrels or V-shaped forks for roller transport
  • in heavy design for heavy loads 

Areas of application

  • Production and storage areas
  • Incoming and outgoing goods
  • Ripening warehouse
  • Refrigerated and frozen areas
Automated guided vehicles in use in a warehouse. AGVs simplify the operational process and improve picking time.

What sets us apart ...

  • Development of systems based on standard concepts tailored to the task at hand
  • Goal-oriented project development and all-round service from the very beginning
  • Unique combination of in-house technologies and series-produced components
  • Dedicated research and development (mechanics, electronics, control, software)
  • Outstanding performance in retrofitting, upgrading and system expansion 

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