Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

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Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are an integral part of proven automation solutions in intralogistics. Today, they are indispensable for optimising internal transport in production, warehouse and distribution environments. Dematic can draw on decades of experience in a wide range of industries and is always a guarantor of quality and innovation with its own solutions.

Automated guided vehicle systems are made up of several components that are optimally coordinated with each other and represent the customised solution for your requirement: The intelligent core is our AGV control software, which handles transport management, traffic control and system visualisation, as well as interfaces with higher-level systems and peripheral equipment. And what would an AGV be without the driverless transport vehicles (AGVs) themselves? As Dematic, we can draw on a wide variety of AGV solutions, based on standardised or customised vehicles developed by ourselves on the one hand, and on the automation of standard forklift trucks from the KION Group on the other.

Automated Guided Vehicles from Dematic

The most suitable navigation system or power supply system for the respective requirement and solution, as well as high-end safety features on the vehicles, make our autonomous systems a reliable, adaptable and safe solution that can easily be in use 24/7 and that you will not want to do without once it is installed.

The advantages for your logistics are obvious. Dematic AGV solutions can also be perfectly adapted to layout changes that occur, fluctuating transport performance requirements or different loads.

Automated Guided Vehicles

Dematic Standard AGV

Dematic's standardised FLV and LTV range of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) enable automatic handling of pallets, rolls, trolleys, containers and numerous other loads.

Automated Guided Vehicles

Dematic Hybrid AGV

HYBRID AGVs are Dematic's high-end range of standard KION warehouse trucks. HYBRID AGVs are based on standard vehicles from KION truck manufacturers.

Automated Guided Vehicles

Dematic Custom AGV

Some customer requirements are far from standard applications. Such individual solutions require customised automated guided vehicles.

Advantages of Automated Guided Vehicles

It is no longer possible to imagine modern intralogistics without driverless transport systems. These unmanned vehicles simplify the internal flow of materials and thus a wide variety of processes in production, warehousing and distribution centres all over the world.

The vehicles follow previously defined, customisable routes in the area of operation, which means that a wide variety of processes as well as the capacity of the system can be optimised. The load transports, production steps, storage and picking processes can thus be carried out efficiently and flexibly.

Since the vehicles move autonomously and can be used in different areas of production and warehouse logistics, you save a lot of time and the use of labour.

Dematic's automated guided vehicles can also be used as stacker cranes. Narrow aisle AGVs (VNA) can even be used in existing racking warehouses, where the VNAs - unlike the Stacker Cranes - can freely switch between different aisles. This gives you more flexibility in the logistics of your operation.Replacing conventional forklifts with automated guided vehicles (AGVs) reduces human-caused accidents because the vehicles follow pre-programmed routes. The autonomous driving of the vehicles, which are equipped with highly sensitive safety devices for the protection of persons and objects, increases the safety of your employees. And by automating repetitive goods flow processes, the number of product touches and damages can be reduced. So everyone benefits from the use of automated guided vehicles.

If you also want to be part of Logistics 4.0, Dematic can help you as an AGV manufacturer with in-depth know-how and an unparalleled portfolio. We would be happy to advise you individually. Contact us!

Intralogistics optimisation with Dematic AGVs

  • Significantly reduced product damage
  • Reduced need for labour
  • Automated product movement
  • Increased safety in the workplace
  • Higher flexibility in the warehouse
  • Possibility of process control (e.g. recipe management)
  • Over 1,000 Dematic AGVs already installed with over 6,000 driverless transport vehicles
Driverless transport vehicle in use in a warehouse. AGVs simplify the operational process and improve picking time.

Areas of application for Automated Guided Vehicles

  • Automated storage and retrieval
  • Transport to/from automated warehouse
  • "End of line" transport
  • Handling of rolls
  • Handling with clamps
  • Transport of racks/hoards
  • Production control and recipe management 

Dematic automated guided vehicles are individually configurable and can therefore be used flexibly in different systems. Because our AGVs meet the highest safety requirements, your employees and manually controlled forklifts can also be in their area of operation and work together.

In principle, autonomous vehicles can transport a large number of different goods - the decisive criterion is the requirements that you as a customer place on the autonomous transport systems. The planned use of the controlled vehicles has the greatest influence.

This means that even non-standard loads such as large rolls can be tilted, turned, stacked and staged as part of an automated process. For this, the vehicle is configured with an appropriate load handling device - in our example it would be a rotating and tilting clamp.

Dematic AGVs create an effective transport link between storage (for example, via an automatic storage and retrieval system) and order picking or dispatch. In this way, several areas of your company benefit from this system at the same time.

Our driverless transport systems are suitable for different areas of application - whether production facilities, warehouses and distribution centres. Due to their versatility, a simple integration of the automated vehicles into an existing intralogistics system is no problem.


Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) from Dematic

Dematic automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are autonomous vehicles that transport materials for automated delivery and storage systems. AGVs perform a wide range of tasks and are equally suitable for production facilities, warehouses and distribution centres.

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Case Study

Vorarlberg Dairy

Automation technology from Dematic is now being used at Vorarlberg Dairy. Four AGVs handle all transport movements between the ripening rooms and the care facility.

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