Real Time Logistics:

Wireless Networks (WLAN)

A reliable wireless network is the backbone of your real time logistics solution. Just as mobile phone networks connect users around the world, wireless LANs connect your people to your host computer system, providing a secure and reliable link between your IT systems and the shop floor.

The design and configuration of a wireless network is critical to provide reliable, secure performance in any real time logistics application.
At Dematic, we begin by looking at your current IT systems infrastructure, including any networks that are in place, and the physical environment in which the RTL solution is to operate.
We advise you on network architecture, the choice of middleware if required, implementing Voice over IP (VoIP), and a range of security measures including the use of secure servers, sensors, WIPS (wireless intrusion prevention systems) and PCI-compliance.

Benefits using Wireless Networks (WLAN):

  • Brings the power of your LAN and IT systems to your mobile workforce
  • Removes paper, facilitating paperless warehousing
  • Accurate data collection/transfer
  • Supports a wide range of RTL Wi-Fi-enabled technologies
  • Eliminates time and labour intensive repetitive tasks
  • Enhances worker productivity
  • Optimises equipment and resource utilisation
  • Facilitates real time data transfer and supply chain management

For more information about wireless LAN solutions from Dematic in Australia and New Zealand visit the new Dematic Real Time Logistics

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