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Hands-free, eyes-free operation makes voice the one to pick. Voice picking systems are designed to service fast-medium and medium-slow full case and split case products. Voice-directed computing represents the most significant ‘step change’ in order fulfilment over the past decade, consistently creating bottom line savings and competitive advantage for those who have implemented the technology.

Voice-directed computing is particularly suited to order picking applications with its handsfree, eyes-free operation delivering significant productivity advantages.
Since Dematic introduced Vocollect voice-directed computing technology to Australasia over 10 years ago, hundreds of companies have increased productivity, accuracy and throughput, reduced labour costs and enhanced OH&S.
Dematic now supports more than 7,000 voice users in Australia and New Zealand across a range of logistics applications such as 3PL, pharmaceutical, apparel, discount variety, food, beverage, ports, and cold storage.

Benefits using Voice-Directed Computing:

  • Hands and eyes-free operation increases productivity and throughput
  • Use of check digits during picking ensures accuracy
  • Speaker-dependent solution provides very fast and accurate speech recognition in noisy environments Direct interfaces to most WMS
  • Rapid ROI from 3-18 months

For more information on Voice-directed Computing please visit our Real Time Logistics website:

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“We are now able to pick full cases twice as quickly as before, and with only half the people! For the first few weeks we ran our existing RF system in conjunction with Voice Picking, until all of our people were familiar with the new technology.”