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In a rapidly changing world where consumer expectations continue to change and evolve, customers have a seemingly endless array of buying options. They’re not only seeking products — they also want a shopping experience that’s enjoyable and personalised. And they want their orders delivered fast. The right software system provides real-time data and visibility necessary to plan and manage efficient operations capable of meeting these and other consumer demands.

No longer a luxury in the modern supply chain, software is vital to the success of your operation. The wrong software or a system that’s not integrated properly can put your whole operation at risk. Furthermore, having full control of your data is fundamental to understanding and planning your current operations and planning for future success.

Single-site and multiple-site networks that future-proof your business

Implement as new software or integrate with an existing warehouse management system


Introducing any new software into a live supply chain can be daunting, and especially when your top priority is limiting the implementation’s impact on day-to-day operations. Other key considerations include the potential impact on your staff and how long implementation will take.

Dematic provides a seamless implementation of new software with no disruption to business continuity. We have a dedicated team of experts that support customers throughout the transition from start to finish, providing guidance at every stage of the project cycle. You keep your business running and we’ll implement the software. 


Any company that’s implementing new software wants to know that it will integrate with its existing systems.

Dematic software can be integrated with many enterprise systems, including Oracle, Manhattan, Fishbowl, Logiwa, and Mantis. A certified SAP integrator, Dematic has worked in partnership with SAP for many years, implementing numerous successful SAP supply chain projects in both manual and highly automated environments.

Looking to integrate with your exisiting system?

Choosing the right software partner now will determine future success.

Because software is the beating heart of your supply chain solution, your software partner must be able to solve your technical and business challenges. We have a dedicated team of experts that support customers throughout the transition from start to finish, providing guidance at every stage of the project cycle.

Dematic technical experts’ first priority is making your implementations run smoothly. We work in partnership with your teams to ensure that every stage of the process is managed effectively.  

We draw upon decades of experience to deliver complex software solutions that transform supply chains. Using the latest research and development, we work with you to identify your current software requirements for peak operational efficiency and plan for future requirements to ensure your supply chain solution will scale to meet growth targets. 

By understanding the aspects of logistics effectiveness within your facility, you can benchmark productivity, identify opportunities for improvement, and remove waste.

  • Availability: The impact of interruptions to planned operations
  • Performance: The overall process speed, labour productivity, and equipment utilisation of your operation compared to top capacity
  • Quality: The frequency of inaccuracies in inventory or order fulfilment

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