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Maintaining seamless facility performance and keeping product moving quickly, accurately and safely are important for all organisations. The success of your business depends on knowing where your items are and where they’re going, and then trusting that the technology you’ve invested in will protect your goods from damage.

It’s not always easy to monitor what’s happening within your facility’s four walls, but automation provides that critical visibility while also simplifying your processes and reducing errors. With automation, you can streamline your operations, gain immediate value from your investment and reduce the number of wasted movements in your facility.

Holistic systems for every application

Dematic offers a portfolio of transport systems for moving a wide variety of materials — from individual items to cases to large pallets. Dematic Software delivers intelligent adaptability by connecting facility operations, maintenance and analytics systems into one comprehensive ecosystem.

AGVs are automated industrial trucks used to lift, rotate and shift materials in your facility. Dematic AGVs fetch and carry loads to and from racking, store and retrieve in block-stacks or deep-stack lanes, and deliver and collect at conveyors or process machines. They safely and securely increase process efficiency and improve business profitability — all without human intervention.

Typical AGV applications include:

  • Transport from receiving to production/warehouse
  • Transport between production areas/work-in-process buffers
  • Transport between production areas and warehouse areas
  • Stacking and storing (very narrow aisle, wide aisle and drive-in racking, deep stacking, block storage)
  • Roll handling
  • End-of-line automation (packing machines, palletisers, stretch wrappers)
  • Transport in consolidation and dispatch areas


Dematic Automated Guided Vehicles

Dematic automated guided vehicles are unmanned industrial trucks and they are the engine-room of our fully automated transport and storage systems.

Dematic transport solutions help you scale your business

Dematic transport systems complement many other warehouse technologies and allow you to leverage a wide range of options to scale your automation capabilities. These systems can be integrated to fit within your existing space and adjusted to your changing business needs. 

Dematic transport systems increase your operational flexibility allowing you to:

  • Improve efficiency and move goods faster

  • Expedite turnaround and reduce movement 

  • Minimise product damage by limiting manual touches 

  • Reduce your reliance on labour and let employees focus on more value-added tasks

Choosing the right partner now will determine future success

Dematic offers a holistic approach to automation that incorporates systems, software and services that are all backed by industry insight and expertise. Our deep understanding of vertical market ecosystems and regional requirements helps us create system integrations that drive efficiency and flexibility.

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