Manufacturing Material Flow Solutions

Efficient Material Flow Solutions for Production Logistics

Manufacturers are always looking to reduce storage footprint to free up capacity, improve process times, lower the risk of disruption and improve safety while reducing production and distribution costs. These goals have become more and more difficult to achieve without the help of advanced, automated solutions.  

Whether you run a manufacturing firm or are a solution design engineer, warehouse manager, or continuous improvement specialist, you need solutions that keep your manufacturing processes moving.

What are current material handling and logistics challenges for manufacturers?

Manufacturers are facing new challenges to optimise their business operations in all areas. “Green” is the new “black” and businesses are finding ways to introduce greener practices and remain profitable.
  • Demand for zero waste and recycling of products
  • Overall responsibility for manufacturing, usage and disposal of products
  • Increased demand of circulation containers for the entire supply chain
  • Complying with legal requirements
  • (Re)use of existing facilities
  • There’s been a strong shift to alternative power concepts like renewables, electric or fuel cell
  • Decentralised power generation for increasing demand in electricity
  • New energy concepts and carrier must be implemented in logistics
  • Logistics solutions must be integrated into companies’ overall energy management and monitoring plans

See how Dematic can deliver intelligent automation solutions to increase your flexibility and accelerate manufacturing, warehouse and distribution processes. 

How can automation help solve global supply chain issues?

Dematic has automation solutions that optimise your processes throughout each stage of manufacturing, regardless of your industry. As logistics experts, Dematic works with you to leverage technology and software knowledge to develop the right solution. 

Advance receiving notices help manufacturers plan for and store incoming material. When implementing correctly, planning to store at a pallet, case, tote, or segmented tote level can save space in your warehouse. Inspection of incoming material and decanting of material into properly sized units of measure also saves space. Unusually shaped items may need to be stored in special racking or fixtures; unusually shaped items can also be stored in automated storage and retrieval systems. 

Yes. The speed and size of the material flowing into and through production determine the best automation technology to support kitting. Implementing automation would help you improve order accuracy, reduce labour and create higher density storage.

Manufacturing solutions to consider for your business

With extensive experience in industrial components and electronics and appliances, Dematic optimises your processes and offer options for factories, finished goods fulfilment hubs and aftermarket/spare parts hubs—including reverse and returns logistics. Dematic delivers intelligent automation solutions to increase your flexibility and accelerate manufacturing, warehouse and distribution processes. 

Manufacturers face some common challenges, but specific industry segments are facing their own hurdles. Here are some key pain points that producers are dealing with right now. 

Inventory visibility/management and order accuracy are becoming increasingly important as the “just in time” manufacturing model demanded by customers pushes more inventory upstream.

Investment decisions for capital equipment are dictated almost entirely by the anticipated reduction in operating costs.

The electric vehicle segment continues to expand along with the manufacturing activity that supports it.

Dematic manufacturing solutions include:

From different ways of safely and reliably transporting your goods to where you want them, keeping track of them, storing them efficiently until you need to pick and ship to customers, we can show you a better way.

Efficient handling, storage and material flow is essential at all stages of your supply chain to optimise your competitive advantage. Automated storage solutions provide space savings, lower building costs, improved productivity and throughput. 


Automated picking solutions that provide accurate, reliable and flexible operation, including goods-to-person, Dematic automated piece picking, AMRs and robotic each picking.

See the benefits of having a holistic, operation-wide approach to order fulfilment and facility lifecycle management.


Goods-to-Person Fulfilment System Increases Productivity and Accuracy

Shimano, a world-leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality cycling and fishing equipment and accessories, operates a distribution centre that incorporated goods-to-person workstations supported by Dematic Multishuttle inventory storage sub-system.

What criteria should you use when evaluating a manufacturing automation partner?

We know the manufacturing market well and can offer options for factories, finished goods fulfilment hubs and aftermarket/spare parts hubs (including reverse and returns logistics) that help you achieve ROI quickly with industry-beating software integration, reliability and after-sales support. Dematic helps you improve productivity, safety, sustainability and accuracy while reducing overall costs and allowing you to focus on what matters most: your business.  

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