SAP EWM Customisation

Adapt SAP EMW to your specific needs

Dematic knows how to adapt SAP EWM to your specific needs:

Additional organisational structures

  • Storage locations can be grouped in EWM to activity areas (e.g. storage). Warehouse tasks can be sorted according to activity (e.g. "fork lift truck required for task").
  • Yard management: With high traffic volume, gates can be assigned selectively.
  • Managing staging areas in stock.

Storage and retrieval strategies

Strategies for automatic storage and retrieval of goods are taken from EWM’s master data for goods-in/goods-out. Common services such as FIFO, LIFO, partially opened packages first, best before date, fixed locations, etc. are directly supported. Storage and retrieval strategies can be expanded and adjusted by Dematic’s business add-ins. Furthermore Dematic solutions offer the possibility to process goods movements manually, as well as changing source and destination locations which are normally determined automatically.


Dematic has the knowledge and experience to implement visualisations directly into SAP. These visualisations can be in the form of 3D images of the warehouse topology or a live stream from a webcam. For example Dematic has developed a solution with a webcam mounted on a stacker crane.

Support of handling units

Handling units are a special SAP feature. They characterise a physical unit of packaging – such as carton or pallet – and packed material. Handling units contain information such as batch or serial numbers and can be nested. The Dematic solution offers status reports to all handling units as well as a history on their entire lifetime.

Warehouse management monitor

The warehouse management monitor is characterised by a variety of pre-defined reports as a central control and information tool. Additional workflows can be associated, controlled, and tracked directly from the warehouse management monitor.

Alert monitor

The alert monitor provides an overview, if any errors have occurred within the material flow. For example the system shows the priority, the time, and a description of the error. If available, the system displays additional information such as sender, recipient, source or destination of the message that caused the error.

Logistic value-added services

Value-added services (such as labelling, kitting, assembly, etc.) give a competitive advantage. SAP EWM supports value-added services where appropriate steps between the storage and retrieval are provided. These orders determine which product finishes will be carried out, for example at work stations.

Wave picking

Along with handling several picking orders, EWM supports wave picking. Here multiple picking orders are bundled, processed together and afterwards separated again. The compilation of waves takes place automatically or manually according to activity areas, routes or products on the basis of provided rules. Dematic has special know how in generating these rules.


If you intend to take over logistics services for your clients, the following features are important to you:

  • Separation of the various customer stocks
  • Connection to customer host system (SAP and non-SAP systems)
  • Depending on customer service
    • Different number ranges
    • Different print layouts
    • Separate inventories
    • Custom storage/retrieval strategies 

Dematic Multishuttle & SAP EWM

Like all products from Dematic, Multishuttle can be optimally integrated into a SAP EWM solution:

  • Load types: Plastic tote box, cardboard carton, trays
  • Load weight: up to 50 kg
  • Variants: 
    • Static: Telescopic load extractor (fixed length & width) 
    • Belted: Belt conveyor load deck
    • Flex: Telescopic load extractor; expands/contracts, accommodates a range of load sizes
  • Suitable for chilled storage
  • Storage density: single or multiple-deep
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