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Genuine Dematic Spare Parts

Genuine spares from Dematic - available around the clock

Once you have invested in an automated materials handling system, it is expected to be available when you need it.

One way to ensure minimal operational disruption is to install genuine high quality spare parts designed to optimize the performance of your materials handling equipment.

Each Dematic component or assembly is manufactured or sourced by Dematic to the original specification and to internationally recognized quality and safety standards. Our global purchasing network allows us to be competitive and reliable, allowing us to be your preferred supplier for all genuine OEM and 3rd party spares. To compliment this, Dematic also holds a comprehensive stock of common wear and spare parts.

  • Genuine OEM and 3rd Party replacement parts
  • Insurance spares assessment
  • Repair services
  • Comprehensive stock availability
  • Stock audit services   

Genuine OEM and 3rd Party replacement parts

Not only will Dematic supply all your genuine Dematic proprietary spares, our global purchasing infrastructure best positions us to fully support you with all genuine OEM 3rd party spares integrated in to your system, at a competitive price.

Insurance Spares Assessment

Not sure what you should stock? ‘Critical’ spares will have a serious impact on your system should they fail during operation, therefore by investing in these items to hold locally, you are reducing your risk of prolonged system downtime. Dematic’s spares specialists will assist in identifying which critical items you should consider holding in stock so this potential disruption can be avoided.

Repair Services

Dematic is able to provide a repair service for a number of components and assemblies installed in your system. For specific repair options, please contact your local Dematic spares team.

Comprehensive Stock Availability

Dematic holds a comprehensive stock of common wear and spare parts available which could be with you within 24hrs of ordering. 

Stock Audit Services

Are you sure of your stock accuracy? Are you sure all your stock parts are serviceable? If not, you may be putting your system availability at risk. Consider involving Dematic to undertake a spare parts stock audit to ensure what you think you have in stock is on the shelf in a serviceable condition.

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Customer Service Solutions

Dematic works with you to ensure you get the best possible performance out of your system throughout its life. With our comprehensive range of service and support solutions, you can be assured that the people that designed and implemented the system are there to take care of it for you.