Voice and Lights:

Dematic Pick/Put Light Systems

Productivity and Accuracy in a New Light

Dematic Light Systems automate order fulfilment to produce more efficient, cost-effective processes over traditional manual picking. Systems include pick-to-light, put-to-light, and put wall applications.

Dematic Light Systems feature easily visible lights that indicate item locations numbers of items required. After pick or put, operators acknowledge the transaction by pressing a button, and the display switches off. Pick-to-Light applications are ideal for high-volume directed picking, while put-to-light applications are effective for manual sortation of bulk quantities (such as put-to-stores and put walls). Powered by Dematic iQ software, information is managed in real time for optimum efficiency.

Benefits of Dematic Pick/Put Light Systems

  • Maximum Productivity: Dematic Light Systems use intuitive visual cues that direct operators to the pick or put locations, allowing them to perform tasks quickly and efficiently. Optional multi-colour lights increase productivity and enable multiple operators to work in the same zone.
  • High Accuracy: Dematic Light Systems ensure error-free picking by requiring operators to press lighted buttons at each location for confirmation. Buttons also indicate short picks and other anomalies that may occur.
  • Reliable and Scalable: Dematic lights are UL and CE compliant — built for long, trouble-free service. Dematic software and controls easily configure, monitor, and troubleshoot operation. Dematic lights use a unique form factor and rail system that makes extending or adding new pick modules easy. Optional dynamic slot width adjustment eliminates the need to physically reposition light devices.

Typical Solution Applications

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Case Study


The Challenge:
The e-commerce order fulfilment operation at Simons was limited in order processing capacity during seasonal peak periods.

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