Overhead Systems:

Dematic Garment-on-Hanger System

Fast Distribution of Display-Ready Hanging Garments

The Dematic Garment-on-Hanger (GOH) System ships apparel faster, reduces labour, minimizes warehouse space, and delivers hanging garments in display-ready condition. It is an overhead system that stores, sequences, picks, and ships garments without removing them from hangers.

The Dematic GOH System reduces labour both at distributions centres and at stores while keeping garments in pristine and display-ready condition.

Benefits of the Dematic Garment-on-Hanger System

  • Protects Delicate Fashion Items: The Dematic GOH System gently handles of garments on hangers to avoid folding and wrinkling to properly manage high-fashion and delicate items.
  • Reduced Facility Footprint and Real-Estate Expenses: The Dematic GOH System takes advantage of underused overhead space by combining storage, transport, and sorting functionality into a single, automated hanging system that stages, packages, and ships multi-line orders.
  • Single System Across All Channels: The Dematic GOH System handles a wide range of order profiles out of a single warehouse. A single packing station handles both e-Commerce and retail orders. Product is delivered to pack stations in aisle-friendly order or any other sequence (route, department, size, colour, etc.), simplifying store shelf restocking.
  • Efficient Returns Handling: The Dematic GOH System provides a simple way to receive and store returned goods and seamlessly introduce them into the order fulfilment process.
  • Extended Order Cutoff Times: Dematic uses patented waveless software to dynamically prioritize work and route products for rapid order fulfilment, extending order cutoff times while ensuring on-time shipment.
  • Improved Order Accuracy, Reduced Labour Costs: The Dematic GOH System minimizes human touches by combining storage, sortation, and transportation into a single integrated system. Each item is tracked using RFID technology to ensure accuracy.
  • A Pleasant Work Environment: The plastic rolling friction chain technology of the Dematic GOH System creates quiet and efficient operation with best-in-class sound reduction and power consumption.

Typical Solution Applications


Garment on Hanger System

The Garment on Hanger System is an overhead storage, transport, and sortation system for fast and easy storage, retrieval, sortation, and consolidation of customer orders.

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