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Case & Package Conveyor

Efficient Transport for Cases, Totes, and Packages

For more than 60 years Dematic has been bringing new ideas to conveyor systems, including the first accumulation conveyor. With extensive R&D resources, Dematic engineers continue to lead the way in conveyor technology to offer the broadest range of solutions available.

Dematic conveyors are known for their rugged construction and durable performance. The modular global platform simplifies operation and expansion capabilities. Easy to reach moving parts simplifies maintenance. Dematic conveyors keep distribution centres running at peak capacity for on-time fulfilment every day.

Benefits of Dematic Case & Package Conveyor

  • Durable Design Extends Equipment Life: Dematic Case & Package Conveyor installed decades ago is still running 24/7 today. Modular and scalable design simplifies configuration changes or system expansion.
  • Easy Maintenance Minimizes Downtime: Top-down access creates stress-free maintenance and repairs.
  • Compact Systems Reduces Footprint: Dematic accumulating incline and decline conveyors combine functionalities to reduce the amount of required floor space.
  • Reduced Product Damage Improves Customer Satisfaction: Dematic accumulation and gapping systems handles loads gently with minimal contact between items to reduce product damage.
  • Minimal Energy Consumption Good for Environment and Saves Money: Multiple drive options and our advanced technology ensure the most efficient use of energy. Dematic experienced conveyor experts can right-size your system for optimal efficiency.

Typical Solution Applications

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Dematic Modular Conveyor System

Dematic Modular Conveyor System is a totally integrated package conveyor technology. Whether you are handling cases, totes, trays, poly bags, or parcel envelopes, MCS offers a complete range of modules to create a highly efficient material flow configuration.

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