Dematic Customer Day at Arvato

Hannover / Heusenstamm, 3 May 2018 – Current developments and future requirements along the supply chain in the clothing industry were the focus of the second customer day initiated by Dematic GmbH. On 19 April at Arvato SCM Solutions in Hanover, international and well-known fashion companies as well as industry experts gathered to discuss the future in the clothing trade. At the centre of the discussions, lectures and best practice examples were optimised returns management and innovative automation solutions for efficient material flow. Peter Buse, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Consumer Products Business Unit at Arvato SCM Solutions, gave a presentation on the future of the supply chain in the ever-changing textile industry. On 21 June, the International Customer Day series will be continued at the French fashion and mail-order company La Redoute in Roubaix near Lille, France.

"The demands in the clothing trade are becoming increasingly greater: Whether because of booming e-commerce, the on-demand or omni-channel dispatch, to name a few examples," says Jessica Heinz, Marketing Director of Dematic. "For this reason, it is all the more important that customers and industry experts discuss new approaches for an efficient supply chain." One focus of the event was on automation systems for intralogistics processes. In his presentation, Peter Buse came to the conclusion that an optimal automation solution must always be tailored specifically to the needs of each company. In particular, the different requirements between companies that provide e-commerce fulfilment services, those that focus on brick-and-mortar retailing and those that serve both sales channels, must be taken into account.

In additional lectures and best practice examples, the participants received a comprehensive overview of the requirements along the supply chain in the clothing industry. Different automation solutions were presented, such as linear, rotary or pouch sorting systems, which, depending on the requirement profile, ensure an optimized material flow. Especially for e-commerce companies, the pouch sorting system is suitable for use in returns processing and fulfilment. With the automated hanging systems, both hanging and lying goods as well as flat packaged items and boxes can be stored, sorted and interim-buffered, which ensures fast availability. During an on-site visit, the participants were able to experience different solutions for online trading up close. Since Arvato handles fulfilment services for international e-commerce customers in particular, the fully automatic Dematic Pouch System is used in the warehouse.

The next customer day will take place on 21 June at the French fashion and mail-order company La Redoute in Roubaix near Lille. Further events in cooperation with large companies in the clothing industry are planned in Italy and Spain. The exact dates have yet to be announced.

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