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Optimise the Handling of Pieces, Cases, Layers, Pallets

Dematic provides a portfolio of warehouse logistics solutions for Food & Beverage producers and distributors, ranging from regional institutional distributors to large multi-national food producers.

These solutions manage the specific order fulfilment requirements of grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, and other institutions. Each solution has a modular, scalable design and strategic management software that provides real-time control, visibility, and operational insight.

Food & Beverage Industry Trends

  • Consumer demand for greater range of purchase options — large and small stores, e-Commerce, home delivery
  • SKU proliferation — ethnic and specialty foods, convenience packaging, healthy sizing
  • Safety and product tracking regulations such as Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) require resources for traceability and quick recalls
  • Product freshness and shelf life
  • Farm-to-fork, more local/regional food origin
  • Sustainability and green strategies
  • Route delivery truck optimization
  • Less full-pallet picking and more case and piece picking
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How Dematic Can Help

The Food & Beverage industry has several markets that present specific challenges — seafood, meat & dairy, frozen & prepared foods, cold chain, alcoholic beverages, and more. But no matter the market, Dematic has the right solutions to manage challenges. Dematic software for Food & Beverage solutions provides tools for order assembly, peaks & valleys in order volume, controlled access to inventory, product tracking, order/inventory accuracy, and first-expired/first-out processing.

Dematic Food & Beverage industry solutions include:

  • Automated material handling that integrate high-density pallet storage systems
  • Order picking systems for retail stores, e-Commerce, home delivery, and store pick up
  • Reverse route truck loading order fulfilment
  • Mixed-case palletizing, piece picking, case picking, and layer picking
  • Flexibility to accommodate variations in order volume and order profiles
  • Temperature controlled environments — coolers, freezers
  • Traceability controls and software to comply with product tracking regulations
  • Standardized configurations for specific categories such as produce, dry goods, soft drinks, and spirits
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Dematic provides a portfolio of warehouse logistics solutions especially designed for the Protein industry. These solutions cover the space from where the product is placed in a box to being placed on a truck.

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