Automated Sortation Systems

Low, Mid, and High-rate Sortation

Every day, production and distribution operations must sort large quantities of inventory contained in cartons, cases, totes, bags, or stuffed envelopes. As service level agreements become more demanding, the pressures to perform at or above expectations grow. These realities along with higher order volumes, shorter processing times, and rising operational costs create a compelling business case for automated sortation.

Dematic provides a comprehensive family of diverters, sorters, and sortation subsystems designed for the diverse product handling and throughput requirements in warehousing and distribution operations. Dematic sortation systems:

  • Control the product flow between and within functional areas
  • Increase throughput rate and capacity
  • Efficiently accommodate workflow processing
  • Scan barcodes for precise tracking and accountability
  • Integrate with inventory storage and order picking sub-systems
  • Allow shorter order processing times
  • Use automation to reduce labor costs  
  • Provide lowest cost per case/item sorted
  • Productivity, efficiency, and accuracy
  • Balanced, synchronized flow
  • Improved operational control
  • Modular design supports future reconfiguration
  • Scalable controls architecture for future growth
  • Operational effectiveness 
  • Wholesale, Retail, B2B: Use sortation systems to assemble orders efficiently and accurately at the lowest cost per case in their distribution operations.
  • Food and Beverage: Use sortation systems to process/sort cartons from production to storage and or palletizing.
  • Parcel and Postal: Use sortation systems for crossdocking of parcels inbound and outbound. 

Benefits of Dematic sortation systems

Dematic works with you to determine the sortation system that is right for your situation. 

An operational-based design approach — engineer sorting systems focused on operational excellence

  • Solution development — non-biased, data driven; simulation/emulation tools assure best performance
  • Best practice sharing — between Dematic global engineering teams creates world-class solutions
  • Configuration software — speeds/optimizes sorting system solution development through implementation processes

Ready to talk about your sortation needs?

Sortation technology for every application

Dematic offers a suite of sorting technologies designed to accommodate a wide variety of applications, load types, and rates. We analyze your workflows and apply the appropriate sorting technology to meet operational requirements and provide return on investment.

Designed for low to mid-rate sorting and to support order picking configurations that use the “container to the pick zone” or zone route fulfillment method. Dematic diverters control the flow to and from workstations, storage subsystems, and pack/ship processing. Dematic diverters include steerable wheel, right angle transfer, and horizontal belt diverters.

Sortation system management

Sortation system modules are managed and controlled as one integrated machine, the modules manage gapping, scanning, divert control, and accountability. 

Key attributes:

  • Provides strategic transport and sortation of barcoded cartons/totes/bags/envelopes 
  • Manages and collects load IDs 
  • Sends sort/divert commands 
  • Reports actual delivery to the destination 
  • Visualization and reporting 
  • Warehouse management system (WMS) interface: wave, order, line 
  • Batch or discrete strategies 
  • Interface to scanners, print and apply labelers, scales, case sealers 

Sortation logic examples include:

  • Standard
  • Geographic region
  • Truck delivery route sequence
  • Door per store
  • Order consolidation

Sort controller

  • Manages carton induction and tracking 
  • Handles carton gapping and scanning 
  • Translates carton ID into divert assignment 
  • Diverts control and sort accountability 
  • Handles optional weighing and dimensioning 
  • PC platform with robust QNX real-time operating system 
  • Manages mid to high throughput 
  • High data transaction capacity 
  • Extremely stable 
  • Proven technology: 30 years of experience and 2,500 systems installed
  • Standardized: easy tech support

User configurable:

  • Set window for carton gap
  • Set distance between sensors 
  • Set divert locations
  • Set speed: auto or fixed

Why Dematic sortation systems?

Modular, flexible, and scalable, Dematic’s sortation systems can be configured to your company’s specific needs. They’ll help you optimize your supply chain, increase throughput, and adjust to your operation’s changing volumes and product mix. 

Очень важно выбрать правильного поставщика - такого, который будет надежным партнером на протяжении всего процесса торговли.

Как компания, которая более 200 лет занимается инновациями в цепочках поставок, Dematic предоставляет широчайший спектр решений и экспертные знания для создания решения, необходимого вам для полного контроля и наглядности вашей деятельности. 

Наши решения адаптированы к вашим бизнес-задачам. Используя стандартизированные подсистемы и передовые в отрасли знания и опыт, Dematic предоставляет интегрированное оборудование, программное обеспечение и поддержку мирового класса, которые помогут вам расширить возможности сотрудников, оптимизировать пространство, стимулировать рост и повысить эффективность.

С Dematic вы сможете развивать свой бизнес, конкурировать на местном уровне, сохранять лояльность клиентов и быстро и точно выполнять поставленные задачи в глобальном масштабе.

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