Palletizing and Depalletizing Solutions for Warehouses

A Complete Portfolio of User-Friendly, Cost-Effective, High-Performance Solutions for Warehouses

The persistent labor shortage, rising labor costs, and the e-commerce boom are all making warehouse operators reassess how to manage product palletizing and depalletizing. Operations can no longer rely on adding manual labor to increase throughput for production, fulfillment, and shipment. They must look to automation to boost work efficiency, reduce operational costs, and enhance productivity.

Dematic Palletizing and Depalletizing systems provide flexible, scalable, labor-saving solutions that address the complexities of distribution operations. They range from semi-automated workstations to comprehensive robotic modules. 

Dematic Palletizing systems build SKU-pure, rainbow, or mixed SKU pallets, roll cages, and trolleys. Dematic Depalletizing systems remove layers or individual cases from containers of varying sizes.

How do you use palletizing and depalletizing solutions?

Finding the right Dematic Palletizing and Depalletizing solution for your warehouse depends on how your products are received or assembled.

Typically for manufacturing applications and food and beverage applications, where one pallet consists entirely of the same item type.  

Best system match: Dematic Case Palletizing Robot 

Dematic Mixed Case Palletizing

Dematic offers a portfolio of user-friendly, cost-effective, high-performance palletizing and depalletizing systems to address the complexities of distribution operations. From manual ergonomic palletizing and depalletizing stations to fully automatic robotic options, Dematic modular systems provide maximum performance, flexibility, and reliability.

Flexible and scalable systems built for your application

Low-cost systems that provide safe, efficient throughput

Ideal for distribution operations that ship a large volume of cases of varying size and shape for direct-to-store delivery, and ideal for compact spaces. These ergonomic systems automatically lower the work surface to minimize lifting and increase performance. 

Automated with Dematic Software, semi-automated ergonomic workstations can: 

  • Organize cases in sequence so operators can simply slide them onto pallets or roll-cages
  • Organize the palletizing pattern to maximize the number of cases on a pallet, ensuring more product per delivery
  • Anticipate factors such as crushability and adjust picking operations to preserve product integrity — as each level is built, the pallet or roll cage automatically lowers and is stretch-wrapped to ensure load stability

Why Dematic palletizing and depalletizing systems?

Dematic Palletizing and Depalletizing systems are modular, flexible, and scalable, so they can be configured to meet the specific needs of your supply chain. 

Dematic uses non-proprietary, proven, off-the-shelf technologies built on a plug-and-play technical architecture for faster and cost-effective deployment. As technology advances, you can easily upgrade specific modules while preserving your overall investment. 

Dematic solutions offers a flexible platform that supports a wide range of applications. You can select from a variety of robotic arms and end-of-arm tools as well as custom-designed software and controls for your specific needs. 

As volumes and product mix change in your operation over time, Dematic Palletizing and Depalletizing systems will support these changes. Add robotic cells or switch the end-of-arm tooling to handle new packaging, or integrate the latest mechatronics with advances in artificial intelligence for full automation of single-case, layer, and multi-layer picking. 

Очень важно выбрать правильного поставщика - такого, который будет надежным партнером на протяжении всего процесса торговли.

Как компания, которая более 200 лет занимается инновациями в цепочках поставок, Dematic предоставляет широчайший спектр решений и экспертные знания для создания решения, необходимого вам для полного контроля и наглядности вашей деятельности. 

Наши решения адаптированы к вашим бизнес-задачам. Используя стандартизированные подсистемы и передовые в отрасли знания и опыт, Dematic предоставляет интегрированное оборудование, программное обеспечение и поддержку мирового класса, которые помогут вам расширить возможности сотрудников, оптимизировать пространство, стимулировать рост и повысить эффективность.

С Dematic вы сможете развивать свой бизнес, конкурировать на местном уровне, сохранять лояльность клиентов и быстро и точно выполнять поставленные задачи в глобальном масштабе.

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