Micro-Fulfillment Systems

Rapid Fulfillment with Automated Technology and Advanced Software

Time, space, and labor costs never decline. In fact, they continually grow and expand, placing pressure on supply chains to figure out how to do more with less. To maximize your resources and assets you must make the decision to automate at a level that’s right for your business. Micro-fulfillment may be the answer. 

What is micro-fulfillment?

Micro-fulfillment is an order fulfillment system with high storage density and high throughput, designed to fulfill orders within one hour. It uses proven technology, on a reduced scale, to fit into small footprints in urban locations to be closer to the consumer.

Today’s consumers don’t have enough hours in a day and will pay convenience. With the online marketplace, they can shop for staple items at multiple stores and find the right price within seconds. If you don’t have a customer-first approach, a negative shopping experience — whether in-store or online — will likely cause shoppers to choose a competitor instead.

Micro-fulfillment helps you build a seamless shopping experience and overcome challenges like: 

Globally, more people live in urban areas than in rural areas, with more than 55 % of the world’s population residing in urban areas. In 1950, 30% of the world’s population was urban. By 2050, 68% is projected to be urban.

Consumers live in urban locations, where real estate is expensive. This makes “getting close” to consumers more expensive and difficult than ever. With online orders historically not generating profits — and the continued growth of e-commerce — most current fulfillment models are unsustainable.

Your fulfillment model influences how consumers shop and who they shop with.

Advantages of micro-fulfillment:

  • Faster Order Fulfillment: Automation fulfills orders in as little as one hour.
  • Optimize Space: Micro-fulfillment fits into existing space to reduce footprint size and cost.
  • Scale for Growth: Micro-fulfillment is flexible, allowing you to easily add to the system to increase capacity and expand fulfillment aligned to business needs.
  • Accurate Picking: Dematic software synchronizes equipment, processes, and inventory for fast and accurate delivery.
  • Closer to Consumer: Using existing retail space in urban warehouses and distribution centers allows for goods to be stored near the end customer.

The Dematic Micro-fulfillment system

Proven automation technology. Rock solid support.

Future-proof your business with Micro-fulfillment solutions

The Dematic Micro-Fulfillment solution combines automated technology and advanced software. The software specifically enables customers to retain control of their data while providing seamless integration with other inventory management, warehouse, and ERP systems so that all stores, distribution centers, and corporate offices are networked on the same platform.

  • Size: This solution fits a footprint as small as 10,000 square feet.
  • Installation: The Dematic Micro-Fulfillment solution can be installed as quickly as in 16 weeks.
  • Environment: Operating temperatures include ambient and chilled environments supporting cold chain logistics.

Fully automated solution for case or pallet store delivery.

  • Hub and spoke model
  • Fully-automated solution
  • Pallet or case to store delivery
  • Long term planning & investment

Capital Investment:

Ready to talk about your micro-fulfillment needs?

7 Secrets to a Future-Forward Omni-Channel Fulfillment Strategy

Learn how to improve inventory visibility to better manage your operation with these future-foward micro-fulfillment tips.

Dematic Micro-fulfillment solutions help you scale your business. Choosing the right partner now will determine future success.

A predefined, scalable, and upgradeable solution with options to meet throughput and capacity needs. We take what we do best, scale it, implement it, and give you the competitive advantage through your supply chain quickly and reliably.

Очень важно выбрать правильного поставщика - такого, который будет надежным партнером на протяжении всего процесса торговли.

Как компания, которая более 200 лет занимается инновациями в цепочках поставок, Dematic предоставляет широчайший спектр решений и экспертные знания для создания решения, необходимого вам для полного контроля и наглядности вашей деятельности. 

Наши решения адаптированы к вашим бизнес-задачам. Используя стандартизированные подсистемы и передовые в отрасли знания и опыт, Dematic предоставляет интегрированное оборудование, программное обеспечение и поддержку мирового класса, которые помогут вам расширить возможности сотрудников, оптимизировать пространство, стимулировать рост и повысить эффективность.

С Dematic вы сможете развивать свой бизнес, конкурировать на местном уровне, сохранять лояльность клиентов и быстро и точно выполнять поставленные задачи в глобальном масштабе.

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