Case Picking:

Layer Order Fulfilment

Automated Fulfilment of Rainbow Pallets for a Wide Range of Packaging Types and Shapes

The Dematic Layer Order Fulfilment solution reduces labour required to build pallets with multiple layers of different SKUs. The key: Robotic layer picking that automatically creates compact, high-density customer-friendly pallets.

This solution is powered by Dematic iQ Optimise software that ensures fast, seamless, and error free fulfilment.

How Layer Order Fulfilment Works

  1. Pallets of products are delivered to a layer picking cell by AGV, forklift, monorail, or automated conveyor system.
  2. A robot transfers required layers from product pallets to an order pallet.
  3. Partially depleted product pallets are transported to a temporary storage buffer for future use.
  4. Order pallets are directed to shipping area if complete or to a top-off area if additional cases need to be added.

Dematic Products for Layer Order Fulfilment Solutions

  • AGV Systems: Fully mobile robots for transporting items within production, warehouse, and distribution environments.
  • Pallet Conveyor: Durable and versatile conveyor technology designed for heavy unit-loads.
  • Robotic Systems: Piece picking robots designed to handle a wide range of items.
  • Software: Dematic iQ Optimise software is a Warehouse Execution System that optimises labour, equipment, and processes. Dematic InSights software unifies all operational, maintenance, and equipment data within and across facilities.
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