Built for Today, Designed for Tomorrow

Dematic acquired DAI — a UK-based software company that specialises in dynamic logistics systems — in March 2020. The Matflo software line delivers Warehouse Execution Software (WES) and Warehouse Management Software (WMS) functionality for intralogistics, multi-site order management and wider digital supply chain execution. As well as supporting systems throughout their operational lifespan.

Optimises automation and manual processes working in unison

Moves from siloed to a truly integrated way of working

Enables rapid digitalisation of your supply chain

Extensible via APIs

Best-in-Breed functionality

Utilises AI algorithms to achieve operational optimisation

Algorithmic Optimisation

The importance of effective algorithms applies equally in the allocation of tasks to staff or automation within a distribution centre, as to the allocation of order fulfillment demands across multiple sites within a larger estate. This has been the backbone of Matflo deployments for over 30 years.

Dynamic Processes

With Matflo, fulfillment processes dynamically adapt to current and forecasted workflows across areas and react in real-time to critical events, such as equipment availability and order updates.

Automation & Robotics

As technology develops, the opportunity to utilise automation and robotics to perform repetitive tasks increases. This is particularly true in an environment where the cost of labour continues to increase, and automation equipment costs start to fall. Matflo has been delivering complex automation and robotics projects since the late 1980s. 

Intuitive User Interface (UI)

The Matflo UI is highly responsive, designed to promote speedy usability. The screens provide individual user and/or role based configurability, allowing the prioritisation of data that is critical to you, presented in your preferred way.

Artificial Intelligence

The power of modern processors allows Matflo to perform algorithmic optimisations only imagined before. Matflo’s real-time data handling is key to its ability to make dynamic intelligent decisions, with reactivity far outstripping that of any human-based decision making. Increases in storage capacity have also allowed Matflo algorithms to take advantage of larger datasets, facilitating heuristics by learning from the empirical performance of controlled entities in the recent past.