Dematic iQ Optimise

A Smarter Way to Manage and Control Warehouse Systems

Dematic iQ Optimise Dematic iQ Optimise is a comprehensive Warehouse Execution System (WES) platform capable of managing all aspects of warehouse operations from receiving to shipping, scalable to the appropriate level of support your operation requires. 

It brings together warehouse management and control features typically found across multiple systems, such as the inventory management functions of a warehouse management system (WMS) and the equipment management of a warehouse control system (WCS).


Dematic iQ Optimise streamlines and synchronizes material flow and workflow to reduce waste and increase efficiency throughout your warehouse. Functions include: 

  • Order management 
  • Planning and optimization 
  • Lean operations 
  • Resource management 


Dematic iQ Optimise coordinates business processes as they happen and directs the right mix of labor, inventory, technology, and equipment facilities for optimal material flow. 


Dematic iQ Optimise provides real-time dashboards as well as historical reporting to monitor performance, discover continuous improvement opportunities, and implement best practices. 

Faster, More Efficient, Smarter Warehouse Operation with Dematic iQ Optimise

Rely on Dematic iQ Optimise to help you achieve the right synergy of labour and automation to keep your warehouse running smoothly. Benefits to your bottom line include: 

  • Accelerated cycle times: Real-time inputs and Dematic On-Demand methodology constantly balance workflow for the most efficient mix of labour and automation. 
  • Reduced operating costs: Smarter management and control software increases worker productivity and simplifies decision making. In addition to improving labour and equipment efficiency, Dematic iQ Optimise also reduces shipping, transportation, and real estate costs. 
  • Improved customer satisfaction: With Dematic iQ Optimise you’ll increase throughput, reduce cycle times, and address priority orders using pull-based, On-Demand, and hybrid strategies. Improved accuracy reduces returns. You can adapt to changing conditions with minimal effort. 
  • Preserve your technology investments: With Dematic you’ll know you made the right software choice. Dematic iQ Optimise is built on a foundation of proven warehouse systems and can easily be integrated into future technology advancements. 

Dematic iQ Optimise

The Warehouse Execution System That Connects Management and Control Functions for Optimal Operational Efficiency

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) manages inventory from receipt to shipping, including the labour required for order fulfilment. At the equipment level, Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) direct flow of materials within specific systems. Both are necessary, but neither can optimise overall logistics for an entire facility. 

Dematic iQ Optimize is a Warehouse Execution System (WES) that connects WMS and WCS for the whole facility to enhance overall efficiency. This WES solution optimises labour, equipment, and processes in ways that can’t be achieved through WMS and WCS software alone.

Efficient order fulfilment orchestrated through On-Demand, wave-based & hybrid strategies

Optimise, execute & align operations based on lean principles

Reduces cost & deployment costs with standardised systems

Data-driven decisions & validation by Distribution Science

Easy access to operational intelligence with role based screens

Preserves your software investment with scalability & flexibility

Distribution Science

A Smarter Approach to Warehouse Management

Other software offerings may rely on guesswork, mental models, or “conference room pilots” to develop the operational algorithms used in their software. The Dematic in-house Operations Research team employs our exclusive Distribution Science method to develop the data-driven decision-making engines embedded in the Dematic iQ portfolio. The result is a purpose-built, flexible, and scalable software solution that makes the best use of your space, labour, and equipment to get your orders out accurately, on-time, and on-budget. 

Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 Principles

Ensure your facility is tightly integrated. Dematic iQ harnesses the power of IoT to manage equipment and operations data as well as to improve asset reliability by providing actionable intelligence.

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Dematic iQ Optimise

Dematic iQ Optimise is a warehouse execution system (WES) that provides wave-based strategies for most B2B applications as well as Dematic On-Demand and hybrid fulfilment strategies incorporating lean methodologies and advanced algorithms.

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