Workstation Systems:

Ergonomic Goods-to-Person Pick Stations

Flexible and Accurate at over 1,000 Picks per Hour

Dematic Ergonomic Goods-to-Person Pick Stations provide the safety, speed, and accuracy required for transferring items from product totes to order containers.

Choose from 1:1 pick stations for direct-to-consumer order picking or 1:n workstations for store replenishment order fulfilment. All Dematic workstations feature ergonomic designs to keep operators at top efficiency for entire shifts.

Benefits of Dematic Ergonomic Goods-to-Person Pick Stations

  • Safety First: Built-in features ensure safe operation where operators interact with moving machinery, even at high speeds. Light curtains and other safety features protect workers when equipment is in motion.
  • Optimised Productivity: Operators achieve maximum pick rates with one-second rapid exchange of product totes. Ergonomic design eliminates turning, twisting, and bending. Pick and put surfaces are kept at the same comfortable level for sustained productivity. Operators can adjust the platform, displays, and other options to personalize their workspace to promote higher pick efficiency.
  • Maximised Accuracy: Graphical displays and lights provide intuitive pick instructions, including pictures of items to be picked for maximum accuracy. Optional lights provide visual cues for picking items out of multi-compartment totes. Optional weigh scales, integrated into the pick locations, check expected weights to identify and correct errors at the source.

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