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Heavy Unit-Load Conveyor Systems

Even the bulkiest loads can be moved, stored, and retrieved efficiently in any manufacturing or distribution operation. Dematic Pallet Conveyor feature low-maintenance chains and efficient power systems that move drums, pallets, and other large loads with minimal human intervention.

From fragile electronics and food products to truck engines and washing machines, Dematic Pallet Conveyor handles inventory with a light touch. Dematic equipment integrates with wrappers, palletizers, and other packing and shipping equipment.

Benefits of Dematic Pallet Conveyor

  • Durable Design Extends Equipment Life: Heavy-duty chain-driven units handle contaminates and wide temperature variations. Dematic Pallet Conveyor operate smoothly even in facilities open to dirt, dust, and outdoor temperatures.
  • Compact Systems Reduce System Footprint: Dematic Pallet Conveyor maximize floor space and minimize load handling. Lifts provide transfer positions for forklifts or connect conveyor lines of differing heights. They can also raise or lower loads to feed production equipment, overhead monorail systems, or palletizing stations.
  • Gentle Handling Limits Product Damage: Zero-pressure accumulation conveyor manage a wide variety of load weights and sizes. Smooth starts and stops ensure that fragile or unstable loads are safely accumulated and released.
  • Precision Timing and Positioning Provide Smooth Operations: Queuing products, slip sheets, and pallets through robotic cells requires precise handling. Timing and positioning are the key to maintain consistent product flow. Dematic is a leader in robotic interfaces.

Typical Solution Applications

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Dematic Pallet Conveyor

Our pallet conveyor systems have the strength and versatility to work efficiently in a wide variety of applications and industries. Whether you need to transport loads, stop and accumulate, reorient, or stage them, Dematic has the technology and expertise to develop and maintain the ideal system for you.

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