Dematic Automates the Distribution Center of the Carbide Producer Ceratizit

Heusenstamm/Kempten, 21 August 2019 – Dematic automates the new distribution center of the carbide producer Ceratizit in Kempten (Allgäu, Germany). For this purpose, the intralogistics specialist installed a seven-aisle Dematic Multishuttle system with around 90,000 storage bins, which makes space-saving multi-depth storage possible. In the storage system, 217 shuttles automatically access the containers and transport them directly to the high-performance picking stations. As a result, the system achieves a throughput rate per workstation of up to 570 containers per hour, thus increasing Ceratizit's order compiling efficiency. 26 workstations for the packaging of the goods and 24 for the incoming and outgoing goods complete the system. These are connected to the storage system through a total of 1.7 kilometers of conveyor technology.

"Because of its high level of automation and its compact design, the Dematic Multishuttle system optimally fulfills the requirements of Ceratizit," says Jessica Heinz, Head of Marketing and Business Development for Dematic Central Europe. "In addition, with a high throughput rate and error-free order picking, it ensures reliable and efficient order processing." The system and the workstations in the new distribution center of the carbide producer occupy about 3,000 square meters of floor space. Due to the direct connection of the rack aisles to the order picking stations and Dematic's patented inter-aisle transfer system, no conveyor loop in the pre-zone is necessary. The technology ensures that the containers within the shelf can be moved across all aisles. In this way, the picking stations can flexibly access goods from all aisles. In addition, the technology increases the reliability of the system.

The containers in the Dematic Multishuttle measure 400x300 millimeters or 600x400 millimeters, with the latter also subdivided in up to eight compartments. The dividers are cardboard inserts, which are identified by a unique barcode. An integrated, fully automatic incoming-goods camera system records the exact position of the goods after the manual inserts are installed without the operator having to scan the containers and inserts and entering the data manually via a dialogue. This increases stock quality and processing speed for incoming goods to ensure that the goods are quickly and reliably available to customers.

As soon as an order is received, the shuttles automatically and in the right order transport the required items to one of the seven high-performance picking stations, where Ceratizit employees compile the orders. They are supported by an SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) dialogue, which displays the relevant processing data. In addition, there are five stations especially for picking semi-finished products. All picking stations are equipped with a pick-by-light function for the intralogistics specialist, which visually highlights the article to be picked in addition to displaying the graphic information on the monitor directly at the picking station. Furthermore, Dematic integrates scales for weight control and grip monitoring when removing the items. "This way, the error rate for picking drops to zero," says Heinz.

Dematic installed the SAP EWM software for the carbide manufacturer to control the system and the entire material flow. Standardized Siemens S7 controllers, which regulate the conveyor technology and the shuttle system, are connected to SAP via so-called ABAP Push Channel technology. With this new SAP technology, the corresponding control commands are exchanged directly between the SAP server and the S7 controller. Until now, this required an SAP PCo computer or the Dematic SubDriver, which are now redundant. This ensures both the exchange of information and the smooth flow of material. "In addition, we adjusted the solution specifically to the requirements of Ceratizit," says Heinz. The user guidance takes place through modern UI5 dialogues, which clearly show the coworker all of the necessary order data. The SAP EWM solution also manages and controls the manually operated warehouse and the value added service area.


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