Dematic Automates a Siemens Plant with AutoStore® System

Heusenstamm/Chemnitz, 23 May 2019 – Dematic automates the Sie-mens plant for combination technology in Chemnitz. For this pur-pose, the intralogistics specialist installs the warehouse and goods-to-person piece picking system AutoStore® with directly connected conveyor technology. In the future, the compact small parts ware-house will house more than 45,000 containers of various installation and electronic components used by Siemens AG Digital Industries Motion Control at the production site for switchgear cabinets for con-trol systems. The system replaces the current manually operated high rack storage. AutoStore® not only optimises storage space utilisation at the Siemens plant for combination technology in Chemnitz, but simultaneously automates the material flow. In addition to time and cost savings, an automated and 24/7 system will expand the capacity for production logistics and further reduce the error rate during the compilation of the components. The AutoStore® system will go into operation at the end of this year.

"The top priority of Siemens was to compress the storage area. With our compact AutoStore® system, we provide an efficient, precise and reliable solution for this," says Jessica Heinz, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Dematic Central Europe. At Siemens, the modular piece goods picking system will be installed in an area of around 780 square meters. "The system achieves maximum storage density with minimal space requirements and thus ensures the optimum use of space," says Heinz. Due to the container tower-like structure, the system occupies sig-nificantly less space than the previous high rack storage installation. In the future, Siemens will use the space gained for the storage of larger goods.

Overall, the compact small parts warehouse houses more than 45,000 containers. These are divided into different compartments so that several different products can be stored in each container. On top of the system are 34 robots that access the inventory as soon as it is requested. They then transport it to one of the five order picking stations where the com-ponents are bundled for further processing in production. "AutoStore® ensures fewer assembly errors and faster processes," says Heinz.

In addition, AutoStore® is connected directly to the conveyor technology also supplied by Dematic, and the material flow at Siemens is further au-tomated. For this, the system is connected to the incoming goods area via additional conveyor belts. Delivered packages can thus be unloaded di-rectly from the truck onto Dematic conveyor belts and transported via lifts to the work stations in the incoming goods area. There, the containers of the AutoStore® system are filled. Then the containers automatically arrive at their storage location in the small parts warehouse via further conveyor belts that are connected to the system through transfer cells. "The entire material flow is thus automatic so that optimal production supply is always guaranteed, which fits in flexibly with our customer's work processes," says Heinz. 

Siemens is responsible for integrating the new warehouse system into the IT landscape. In so doing, the company relies on the in-house soft-ware solution ASIS (AutoStore® Integration Service), which has already proved itself at Bad Neustadt/Saale. It serves as a link among AutoStore®, SAP, materials handling and the employees.


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