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Expert Synchronisation Between the Material Handling System and the Surrounding Building

Complex automated material handling systems are often large and deeply woven into the process and physical layout of a client’s operation. Unlike many other assets in material handling, the building housing the system is often part of the system rather than simply a box around the system.

Expert Synchronisation

Expert synchronisation between a material handling system and the surrounding building, in terms of design and implementation, can: 

  • Simplify scheduling and sequencing of installation
  • Improve utilisation of trades and labour
  • Provide a single point of accountability
  • Reduce cost through foresighted design interfaces 

For this reason, Dematic, and Dematic alone, has developed a Construction Management Group to design and build best-fit buildings to house our material handling systems. This expert group understands the unique challenges and opportunities of integrated supply chain facilities, and are skilled and maximising efficiency while reducing cost and confusion. 

The result for our client is a single point of accountability that carefully coordinates the many disciplines, technologies, and activities required to deliver an integrated facility. 

For clients with their own in-house or third party construction partners, Dematic will happily coordinate our material handling integration skills with theirs and achieve our client’s objectives. When turnkey integrated facilities are desired, the Dematic Construction Management Group is the industry’s unique solution.

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