Optimizing Sortation Throughput in High-Volume Distribution Centers


Every distribution system can be divided into five basic functions which it needs to perform including receiving, product storage, picking for order fulfillment, sortation and shipping. Although each of these sectors have experienced improvements due to technical advances, sortation is where significant leaps in efficiency are now being made with Dematic’s introduction of its FlexSort™ integrated sortation sub-system. 

FlexSort is defined by its unique system integration and the efficiencies that the system provides to the high-speed sortation environment. The logic on how the system is controlled is quite different. All sortation functions are controlled as if it is one unified machine. From the pre-merge to the merge, to the transport conveyors feeding the gapping, to the gapping function itself, to the linear sortation and finally the take-away conveyors, the entire process operates with single-source control and full integration. 

The FlexSort system is also defined by its system-wide, distributed, variable-speed control, which is uniquely based on how much product is being fed into the system, and how much product is moving out. Unlike any other system, it will automatically adjust its speed incrementally as required. 

FlexSort is further defined by the absence of rollers and the extensive use of belts throughout the system. Package control is lost with rollers, and FlexSort demonstrates a maximization of efficient monitoring, routing and control of packages throughout its entire system unrivaled in contemporary sortation operations.

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