Next Generation Pick-to-Light

Why Next Generation Pick-to-Light? 

Pick and Put-to-Light (PTL) systems deliver a cost-effective and highly efficient method for improving throughput and accuracy by eliminating read errors and reducing walking time. These systems are well suited for a myriad of order profiles and combinations thereof. PTL offers the visual advantage of using bright, multicolored displays to accurately display the correct pick in a small area. These vivid colored lights inform the picker of both the pick slot location and the quantity of product to be picked. This enables a variety of modern order fulfillment processes, including:

  • Batch Picking
  • Cluster Picking
  • Dynamic Zoning
    • “Bucket Brigade”
    • RaceTrack Zoneless-Picking 
  • Dynamic slotting of active pick locations. 

In many industries, e-commerce is maturing from an ancillary sales channel to a well-established and significant share of a company’s sales, making omni-channel distribution a necessity rather than a choice. Enabling omni-channel distribution requires increasingly complex fulfillment solutions, which must be efficient and cost-effective if they are to provide a competitive advantage. Next generation PTL hardware is essential to execute any omni-channel strategies as they support pickbased and put-based methodologies to ensure you meet your customer demands. 

With numerous vendors offering PTL hardware, how can you be confident that your selection is right for your warehouse?

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