Mastering Slow Moving Inventory


Developing a strategy for storing and picking slow moving inventory can have a big impact on productivity. 

When it comes to inventory, we all know the rule of thumb that 80% of orders are typically driven by 20% of the SKUs. As a result, most facilities optimize their processes for storing and picking the fastest-moving items. 

Fast movers, however, may account for just a few hundred SKUs in a DC with 10,000 items. Too often, the slow moving items that make up the bulk of the inventory are an afterthought. They take up valuable space, they get lost because they’re not tracked and they require a disproportionate amount of labor because they aren’t easy to access. Like the junk taking up space in the basement, they’re kept around because some day someone might order them – even if some day never comes. 

For those reasons, mastering slow moving inventory can pay big dividends through improved storage density and accessibility along with reduced travel time and the overall cost of inventory.

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