Create Operational Agility by Leveraging Distribution Science


The term omni-channel has become inextricably linked with the retail industry, and for good reason. Customers are pressing for an “on demand” experience, forcing retailers to adopt solutions that can handle order processing and fulfillment across multiple channels with differing order profiles. They are looking for solutions that will enable them to apply their know-how, intuition and innovations to serve their customers quicker and more accurately than their competition. Meeting these demands requires new mindsets to seek out solutions that are as flexible as the demands driving the change. 

Unfortunately, many retailers continue to treat omni-channel as a concern for their front-end operations — a mandate for marketing and sales teams — while ignoring the logistical realities created by this new mode of customer engagement. This is a dangerous approach that ignores the realities created by customer-driven demand for multi-channel experiences.

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