Conserve Power: Be Green, Save Money


With Power, Less Can Mean More…More Environmental, More Money 

Operators of distribution centers, warehouses, and production operations are learning that “green” initiatives are not only good for the environment, but “being green” can also mean saving money. Adding more pressure to this scenario is the prediction that energy costs will continue to rise in the future. Also, earth friendly initiatives can improve your company’s image with customers, stockholders, and the public. 

The “green” money is created primarily in two areas: energy management and rebates. By reducing the energy required to run your facility, your operational costs go down; add to that an annual rebate check from the local power company and you’ve got real money. For example, one distribution center that upgraded their conveyor system controls and added a new energy saving conveyor system, received a rebate for $40,000 from their electric power provider.

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