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MoveLogic: Real-time Labor Alignment

Real-Time Labor Alignment

The main objective of a distribution center is to achieve timely shipping of the correct orders and with minimum costs. High labor productivity, larger throughput capacity, as well as high equipment utilization are important metrics in distribution center operations. 

One of today’s main problems that distribution centers face is the ever-morphing workforce that force supervisors to make corrective labor adjustments in real-time with little awareness of consequence. While these supervisors have planning tools that can allocate workers to different functional areas, this approach does not handle workload variations within the planning period very well, nor does it meet the need to realign labor when the plan needs to change. 

As part of Dematic iQ Warehouse Execution Software (WES), MoveLogic directs labor, handles workload variations in real time, and eliminates the need and expense of supervisors making those required, and often wrong, labor adjustments. With our WES, every time a worker completes an assignment, the software spans the entire health of the distribution center and evaluates pending assignment priorities, proximities, skills, and resources to determine whether the worker needs to stay in the same area or move to another area to create the most optimal assignment. 

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