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Dematic iQ: Performance Optimising Software

Warehouse Execution System

Dematic iQ is a scalable logistics software platform responsible for controlling and synchronizing workflows within the four walls of your facility. Dematic iQ goes beyond traditional WCSs to provide the complete feature functionality of a Warehouse Execution System (WES). 

As a unified, fully integrated software solution, Dematic iQ allows you to dynamically manage processes, inventory, labor, and material handling automation in real time:

  • For warehouses and distribution centers, facilitate and optimize receiving, cross-docking, put-away, storage, replenishment, picking, consolidation, packing, palletizing, shipping, and returns processes. 
  • For production operations, facilitate and optimize inbound material storage, kitting, work-in-process buffers, intra-plant delivery, finished goods staging, and outbound processes. 

Dematic iQ at a Glance: 

  • Single, integrated platform for warehouse processes 
  • Modular framework, configurable by function 
  • Standardized modules, tested, refined, revision control 
  • Real-time performance visibility & control 
  • Intuitive dashboards on desktops, laptops, mobile devices 

Key Attributes:

  • Enables high order & inventory accuracy 
  • Facilitates labor productivity & processing speed 
  • Accommodates variations in order volume & profile 
  • Prioritize tasks, balance workload, on-demand processing 
  • Scalable & reconfigurable design allows change & growth

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