Dematic iQ Operational Advantages

Pick Faster and More Accurately

High turnover and the need for temporary labor means new, untrained employees. Dematic iQ voice picking systems and user interfaces are available in many languages and are easy to learn and use, ensuring all of your pickers are productive right from the start. 

Intuitive, persona-based user interfaces: 

From the floor operator who does not speak the local language to the supply chain VP, everyone has fast, easyto- understand access to the information they need. 

Supervisors can see productivity information by operator and equipment to identify root causes and resolve issues. 

Simple, easy-to-follow commands: 

Dematic offers a variety of simple and intuitive ways to communicate with users, including lights, voice, text, and icon-based instructions. 

Operators can see images of the item to be picked to make sure they select the proper color and pattern. 

Configurable, rule-based strategies: 

Advanced algorithms help you minimize operator walk path and maximize pick density to increase operator efficiency. Rules-based workflows and verification and validation systems ensure that the right products are shipped to the right customers. 

Dynamic pull-based order fulfillment systems that optimize resources: 

On-Demand, pull-based planning eliminates unnecessary waves that idle workers and equipment, and ensures resources are used productively and at a steady rate.

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