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Increased Productivity, Accuracy and Flexibility

Dematic Pick-to-Voice systems represent a significant leap in order fulfillment technology. By delivering instructions entirely by voice, these systems consistently create bottom line savings and a competitive advantage.

Dematic Pick-to-Voice systems offer numerous advantages over conventional order picking methods. Rather than communicating orders with paper or computer monitors, Pick-to-Voice relies on voice instructions through headphones and a microphone.

By freeing hands to handle the stock items, Pick-to-Voice ensures an ergonomic and efficient pick sequence. Operators can focus entirely on retrieving required items.

Benefits of Pick-to-Voice

  • Hands-free, eyes-free picking
  • Up to a 35% improvement in picking productivity
  • Up to 99.9% picking accuracy
  • Reduced operator training time
  • Direct interface to most WMSs
  • Rapid return on investment

Where Pick-to-Voice Fits

Voice picking systems are a flexible choice for order fulfillment. Operators interact wirelessly through a headset in real time with the host computer or WMS. Operators hear instructions and perform tasks without having to see a hand-held screen or sort through picking labels.

Dematic Pick-to-voice systems are designed for fast-medium and medium-slow full case and split case products. They are ideal when a large number of SKUs need to be serviced. Picking rates increase by up to 35% over conventional systems and with a picking accuracy rate of 99.9%.

Pick-to-Voice: Quick and Easy to Learn

Voice systems require very little training. Operators simply slip on the headset and spend about 15 minutes letting the system become familiar with their voice. Afterward, operators can begin work almost immediately. This is very attractive in distribution operations where temporary staff is often required, especially during peak periods.

Extending Voice into Item Picking Applications

Voice picking can also been fully integrated into zone routing systems. Multiple orders can be batched together for more efficient picking of small orders. Alternately, multiple orders can be batched to a pick carts for slower moving items.

Activities Supported with Voice Picking

  • Receiving (lot & date capture)
  • Replenishment
  • Load validation
  • Case/Layer picking
  • Multi-order batch picking
  • Layer staging for “top off”
  • Staging for truck loading
  • Interleaving of full pallet picks
  • Quality check
  • Label printing
  • Door loading

Issues Addressed by Voice Picking

  • Low pick accuracy
  • Low productivity
  • Limited warehouse operations visibility
  • SKU proliferation
  • SKU management in the warehouse
  • Warehouse layout
  • Slotting
  • High employee turnover
  • Fragmented approach to warehouse control
  • Delivery truck dwell time

White Paper: Voice Technology for Multiple Applications

Voice Technology for Multiple Applications

Many distribution centers (DCs) are looking to increase performance across their entire operations with Voice technology. Expanding Voice in the warehouse makes practical sense — the real-time information that the technology provides has benefits for every corner of a facility.