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Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems from Dematic are fully mobile robots that can move and transport items within production, warehouse and distribution environments.

Why AGVs - Benefits of AGVs

  • Reallocation of available labor and reduced overtime and turnover costs
  • Damage: Elimination of facility and equipment damage by conventional fork trucks
  • Shipping Accuracy: Reduction in mis-shipments and product loss
  • Energy: Potential savings associated with lights-out operations
  • Safety: Elimination of fork truck related accidents
  • Flexibility: Capable of interfacing to a variety of stands, automation, manufacturing operations

Dematic AGV Types

Dematic AGVs come in three main types: Standard, Hybrid/Series/Dual-Use, and Custom.

Standard - Dematic manufactured standard AGVs, using common chassis and attachment types. 

Hybrid/Series/Dual Use – Vehicles that start as an electric Series vehicle from the KION family of manually operated machines, where we take the vehicle and add a full automation pack to it, creating a machine that can operate manually or as a fully-functioning AGV. Custom – Depending on your application, Dematic can build an AGV to exactly match your specific needs. This includes side loading AGVs, and other types. If you can imagine it, Dematic can build it.

Custom – Depending on your application, if a standard or dual-use AGV option doesn’t exist, Dematic can custom build an AGV to exactly match your specific needs. This includes side loading AGVs, and other types. If you can imagine it, Dematic can build it.

AGV Functionality 

Dematic AGVs support many types of movements within the manufacturing warehouse or distribution facility.

  • Receiving to warehouse
  • Manufacturing to warehouse
  • Warehouse to manufacturing
  • Work cell to work cell
  • Warehouse to picking
  • Picking to shipping
  • Long haul transportation
  • Transport in Production
  • Storage & Retrieval
  • End-of-line transport
  • Trailer loading/unloading
Dematic AGVs

Dematic AGVs

Dematic Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are autonomous vehicles designed to transport materials for automated delivery and storage systems. AGVs have a wide variety functions, equally adept in production facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers.

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AGV Types

AGV Types

Counterbalance Fork Vehicles, Unit Load, VNA, Tuggers, and Specialty Vehicles

AGV Vertical Industries

AGV Vertical Markets

AGV Systems for a Wide Variety of Industries and Markets

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Dematic Egemin USA

Dematic Egemin

Dematic has announced plans for integrating Egemin Automation into its organization. The integration, which is targeted for completion by the end of calendar year 2017, will result in the world’s largest Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) supplier while enhancing Dematic’s system integration capability in Europe.

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Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)