Piece Picking

Maximize Order Picking Efficiency

Dematic offers the most comprehensive portfolio of split case and piece picking solutions to meet the most demanding business needs. From lower-cost manual options to fully-automated systems, Dematic has the perfect pallet fulfillment solution.

  • Shorten cycle time, particularly in e-Commerce
  • Reduce picking labor and associated costs
  • Improve inventory and shipment accuracy
  • Handle peak periods and seasonal products
  • Expand and grow as business grows

All Dematic pallet fulfillment solutions are powered by Dematic iQ Optimize and Dematic iQ InSights, our proprietary software that manages and monitors all aspects of the supply chain. Dematic iQ Optimize and Dematic iQ Insights software works in concert to provide warehouse management and reporting that keep your entire operation running smoothly. Dematic iQ Optimize makes it efficient, and Dematic iQ Insights keeps it efficient.


Goods-to-Person Piece Pick System

The Goods-to-Person Piece Pick System is a solution for order fulfillment and kitting. The system configuration supports high picking productivity and order picking accuracy while fitting into a compact footprint.

Featured Product

AutoStore Powered by Dematic

AutoStore works particularly well for applications with a high number of SKUs and moderate throughput requirements. AutoStore is part of an overall solution that includes receiving and put-away, inventory storage, picking, packing, and shipping.

Typical Solutions

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Case Study

Benco Dental

The Challenge:
With more than 30,000 customers in 50 States, Benco Dental requires a distribution strategy that supports responsive and highly accurate order processing of dental supplies.

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