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Fast Response, Advanced Software Tools, Available 24/7/365

Dematic has experienced personnel located throughout the world and available around the clock 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our expert staff supports all systems, regardless of manufacturer.

Service USA

Tel:  (800) 530-9153
Fax: (616) 588-6368
Support Tracking:

Parts USA

Tel: (800) 530-9153
Fax: (616) 913-7431
Order Parts Online:

Service Canada

Tel: (877) 567-2812
Fax: (905) 363-6969
Support Tracking:

Parts Canada

Tel: (877) 567-2809
Fax: (905) 363-6969
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Dematic's "always on" Technical Support Call Center is your lifeline to over 2500 North American supply chain professionals regardless of the make or model of your technology.

Our customer service goals are simple — to provide our clients with:

  • The highest achievable uptime
  • The lowest life cycle costs
  • Measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure their satisfaction

Our team employs the resources and tools to provide exceptional support whenever our clients need it.

  • Talent: Dematic technologists on standby to resolve client issues, not operators or a thirdparty service.
  • Urgency: Depending on issue severity, our formal escalation process draws increasing resources and visibility until the client is satisfied.
  • Tools: Contemporary tracking systems monitor every call, log all activities and report on resolution, root cause and future advice.

We understand that client needs evolve over the life of a system and each client has different shift schedules, risk tolerances, skill sets, labor pools to draw from and other unique characteristics.

That is why our support process begins with interviewing our clients to understand their needs and culture before offering support solutions.

"Always On" Support Call Center

  • Problem Solving (Emergency or Otherwise)
  • Operation Advice
  • Parts Supply, Repair and Testing
  • Scheduling On-Site Resources
  • ...and More!
Customer Service Solutions

Customer Service Solutions

Dematic works with you to ensure you get the best possible performance out of your system throughout its life. With our comprehensive range of service and support solutions, you can be assured that the people that designed and implemented the system are there to take care of it for you.

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