Resident Services

Onsite Support

Resident Services is a program that provides a dedicated onsite maintenance team for immediate support of your operation. The team identifies issues before they arise and provides a clear point of responsibility.

The program can be tailored from a range of options — from a smaller team for specific processes to a larger team that takes full responsibility for all engineering services.

Your Resident Dematic Team

A Dematic Resident Services agreement can provide a cost-effective alternative to new or existing internal resources. We will select and train technicians to work as part of your team at your site. The number of people in the team, their working hours, scheduling, and areas of specialization can be tailored to your specific maintenance and engineering needs. A Dematic resident team can support spare parts supply and management and provide full technical backup including hotline, IT, and third party support. 

Protect Your Investment

A Dematic Resident Services agreement is the most effective way to protect your investment. The cost of onsite support is considerably less than the cost of unscheduled repairs and downtime, and much more effective than even the best on-call service plans.  

Service Level Agreements with KPIs

Dematic takes full responsibility for providing planned, corrective, or reactive maintenance, in addition to troubleshooting and technical support on a day-to-day basis. Maintenance costs — including labor, downtime, and parts — can be tracked, measured, and reported against efficiency goals and productivity targets.  

Key Benefits

  • All engineering roles provided including material flow control
  • Recruitment, training, administration, and infrastructure
  • Spare part supply and management
  • Hotline, IT and third party support
  • System availability guaranteed by Dematic
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Dematic works with you to ensure you get the best possible performance out of your system throughout its life. With our comprehensive range of service and support solutions, you can be assured that the people that designed and implemented the system are there to take care of it for you.