Dematic to Highlight Order Fulfillment, Returns Processing and Mobile Automation at ProMat 2019

Atlanta, Georgia – February 26, 2019 — Dematic will feature operational order fulfillment, returns processing and mobile automation solutions at ProMat, April 8–11, 2019 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois.

The interactive exhibit will also feature Dematic iQ, the performance optimizing software offering that provides a holistic, warehouse-wide approach to optimize order fulfillment and facility lifecycle management. With Dematic iQ, operations that support omni-channel distribution can cost effectively pick, pack and ship orders accurately in the least amount of time. It supports maximum uptime and intelligent adaptability by connecting warehouse and fulfillment execution, operations, maintenance, and analytics systems. The Dematic global software ecosystem offers four platforms:

  • Dematic iQ Optimize warehouse execution system
  • Dematic iQ InSights logistics performance management system
  • Dematic iQ Virtual simulation and emulation platform
  • Dematic iQ Workflow mobile productivity solutions

The comprehensive automation demonstrations at the Dematic ProMat 2019 booth include:

Order Fulfillment

  • Dematic Multishuttle®: This automated storage system is an effective method of buffering inventory totes and cartons. It is an efficient storage engine that delivers inventory to the picking interface points. Multishuttle provides precise load sequencing at high rates in a high density, compact footprint.
  • AutoStore: The highest density automated storage sub-system is the ultimate space maker. The inventory storage footprint for AutoStore is ultra compact — it can fit into a space that is a fourth the size of conventional storage. Bins are stacked high and tight in an aluminum cubic grid system that can be arranged in any shape. The top of the grid is reserved for robots that store/retrieve totes containing inventory.
  • Goods-to-Person: The ergonomic goods-to-person order picking workstation is connected to the automated storage system: Multishuttle, AutoStore and Miniload. It includes a graphical user interface for pick instructions with a “pick-from inventory tote” and “put-to-order” configuration. Order accuracy is enhanced as an image of the item to be picked appears on the flat screen. Pick rates are dramatically increased thereby reducing warehouse staff size and order processing time. The contents of an order are packed into a cardboard shipping container, bag, envelope or tote at the workstation.
  • Goods-to-Robot: The Robotic Piece Picking module is connected to the Multishuttle. It integrates advanced vision, imaging, software, robotic arm and gripper technologies to eliminate picking labor. The solution rapidly scans and verifies the content of incoming inventory totes, determines the orientation of each piece and grips, lifts and transfers each item to accomplish order picking.
  • Automatic Pick Face Replenishment: To increase inventory accuracy and eliminate the labor required for manual replenishment, the Multishuttle provides automated pick slot replenishment for side of aisle picking with a PickCart. Response time to refill an empty pick slot is reduced and the wide dedicated aisles for manual replenishment in the warehouse are omitted.
  • LED PickCart: The LED PickCart is an order assembly method for piece picking applications. LED Light displays and scan validation support high accuracy and labor productivity. It is designed around a process improvement that supports gains in worker productivity, ergonomics and order accuracy along with real time control. Multiple orders are picked with one pass through the picking aisles. The PickCart is also available as a voice-directed solution.
  • Pouch System: The Pouch system is a staging, sequencing and sorting solution for pieces (eaches) that optimizes the e-com and retail store order fulfillment process. The system includes pouches suspended from rollers that travel in an overhead track and ergonomic workstations for item induct and order packing. The system uses otherwise empty ceiling space, thus dramatically reducing footprint. Each pouch carries a single item, either placed inside the pouch or hanging from an attached hook. Typical applications include order consolidation for picking and returns processing.

Returns Processing

The Dematic returns processing system is a reverse logistics solution for omni-channel retailers and pure play e-tailers. The system is built around process improvements, material handling technology, controls and software. It accelerates, streamlines and synchronizes all the tasks and procedures required to provide customer credit, enter exchanged order and make returned items available for sale.

Mobile Automation

Dematic Mobile Automation consists of a fleet of battery powered Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and automated industrial lift trucks for pallet handling applications. The line-up includes towing vehicles, unit load carriers, counter-balanced fork trucks and straddle fork trucks for pallet transportation with automatic pick and drop off. Automated Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) industrial trucks store and retrieve pallets in racking.

Visit Dematic at ProMat 2019, booth #S2903 and #S3203, April 8–11 at McCormick Place in Chicago. For more information, please visit or contact Cheryl Falk at or 262-860-6715.

About Dematic

Dematic is a leading supplier of integrated automated technology, software and services to optimize the supply chain. Dematic employs over 6,000 skilled logistics professionals to serve its customers globally, with engineering centers and manufacturing facilities located around the world. Dematic is one brand under the KION Group of companies and has implemented more than 6,000 integrated systems for a customer base that includes small, medium and large companies doing business in a variety of market sectors.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Dematic is a member of KION Group, a global leader in industrial trucks, related services and supply chain solutions. Across more than 100 countries worldwide, the KION Group designs, builds and supports logistics solutions that optimize material and information flow within factories, warehouses and distribution centers. The company is the largest manufacturer of industrial trucks in Europe, the second-largest producer of forklifts globally and a leading provider of warehouse automation.