Guide to Mobile Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)


There is no question that the mobile computing revolution has arrived and will continue to grow. From new and improved smart phones and tablets to the applications used on them, these devices have altered the way we communicate, entertain, and manage our day to day activities. 

With the advent of these new mobile applications, a wide variety of industries are now utilizing this portable computing technology to create a synergy between maintenance managers and their technicians. The utilization of mobile devices in warehouse management is reshaping the way maintenance is performed in these facilities. 

Between giving faster response times by eliminating extra travel, and duplicate data entry, routing and dispatching assignments, today’s warehouse maintenance managers are seeing improved productivity, reduced costs, and reduced downtime with the implementation of mobile EAM (enterprise asset management) applications. 

Furthermore, predictive maintenance and analysis gives maintenance operations a proactive edge with improved inspection and data readings via mobile devices, letting you know when maintenance will be needed.

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